Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Oops I Pinned It Again

Yeah I'm addicted to pinterest.  Like completely and utterly hooked.  Here's what I've been pinning and doing this week.

It was delicious!  Again, not as beautiful as the pin but it sure was a yummy way to burn about 300 calories.  

We did hand prints instead and then we painted them.  Such a fun craft.

Well, I wasn't exactly prepared for this one, but I improvised and well you get the point!

So yummy!  I opted to skip the icing in hopes of cutting out some calories.  This bread was light and moist and the citrus of the lemon really cut through the sweetness of the bread.  A slice of warm bread with a cup of tea was just amazing.  

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ShorT1882 said...

delish! I starting blogging about my pinterest adventures as well. SUCH an addiction!! Here's my new blog, E, if you're interested.


Jo said...

Ooh it looks so yummy! Damn I hate having to watch my weight when there are so many nice things out there to eat

Jill said...

I love love LOVE that baby footprint with pink! adorable

and yes I am ADDICTED too but I havent done many pins yet :(

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