Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pinterest Ate My Brain

So everyone knows about Pinterest right?  Well I've really been pinning up a storm lately and following through with a lot of my pins.  Check out my handiwork:

The pin:

How it turned out:

Not too bad right?  It's a great valentines day gift for Isabella to give her dad.  Don't mind the handwriting, I have the penmanship of a sociopathic second grader.  

Up next...Skinny Scones

Here was my take on it:

Now I know I know I'm nowhere near a food stylist, but what they lack in loveliness they make up for in taste and at only 199 calories, My Fitness Pal was satisfied.  A little caramel creamer in my coffee and my lazy Sunday morning was complete.  

These were so fantastic that there were none left to snap a shot of.  So yummy!

Also, you are not getting a photograph of me doing crunches.  It ain't pretty.  I've been doing them for a little under a week and I think I have one ab that's hiding somewhere under the chub I do feel stronger in my core and I feel good so I'll stick with it.  

I'm loving pinterest...come follow me: Melissa Galileo
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Laura said...

I love Pinterest! I am so totally addicted too! I love the handprint/foorprint for Valentine's Day!! I am so doing that with the Sweet Pea for her Daddy too! :-)


Jocelyn said...

Aaand... following. I love that hand/footprint valentine. How cute!

mtendere said...

Good for you! I'm great at pinning - not so great at doing!

Jo said...

I'm real good at pinning ... just not so good at doing the pins. But, I like your crunches... might give those a try

Tammy said...

I love (and am stealing) the little Valentine craft! Now if I actually follow through and make one of my own is another story, lol! I'm tapping out on the crunches though, 19 weeks pregnant, aint happening. Good luck with them!

MadysMom said...

Following! I did those crunches too!

Laney said...

Love the crafts, I have no clue how to find you on pinterest. I have a button on my blog so people can follow me :)

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