Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rainy Day Fun

This past weekend we had a rainy day.  Now usually I'm all about putting on your rain boots and rain coat and going puddle sloshing, when it's a warmer rain or even going to an indoor playground or something, because I go stir crazy.  However, this weekend my face was swelled up like a golf ball so I had to improvise some rainy day fun.  And guys, don't laugh at me, but I actually wrote out a schedule.  Now, wait, I know it's lame but by this point I had been hiding my face since Tuesday and I was going a bit batty.

Here's how we had some inside rainy day fun.

First you cook a delicious breakfast together.  I peeled, cored, and sliced the apple, she mixed up the mix and dipped the apple in it.  I cooked it up and then ate it all while she demanded oatmeal.  Pssssh, whatevs more for me.

Then, you need to get your craft on.  Finger paint in freezer bags taped onto large pieces of paper...super fun without the mess.  I'm sure you can guess where I found it.  

Then she said she was done with her craft so we had to do regular art.

A quick flower hand print for Grandma

Then it was time to bake up these yummy beasts

I wanna eat one of those chips

I'm sneaking one.

Yup I ate it

I love baking with her.  Again, she didn't like it once it was done, but she enjoys the process.

Then it was finally time to get out of our PJ's, especially since hers have Santa Claus on them.  Then we played a little video games, watched a movie, since she refused to nap.  And I pretty much crapped out at around 4:00 so Grandma came over to play with her.

It was a fun and busy rainy's a good thing we haven't had too many though

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Melinda@LookWhatMomFound...and Dad too! said...

I like that finger paint in a bag option, that might be perfect for my niece since I can't trust her not to eat it.

Jo said...

What a lovely day ... who cares of you wrote out a schedule

Tracy Wilson said...

She's cute:)I remember when.

Kimberly-mytoesareclaustrophobic said...

What a precious little "she" she is! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog - I hope you'll visit me again.


pearls and green tea said...

Sounds like such a fun day. Makes me miss when it was just me and my first daughter and we would spend lots of days like this! I saw the paint in freezer bag idea and the baking cake in cups idea on pinterest too. How did they both turn out??

jamie said...

awwww... i love the baking part, especially during the rainy days ;) another muse of mine during those wet seasons is a steaming hot cocoa :P

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