Monday, March 26, 2012

The Final Happiness Project Post

This is it!  One year.  One area of focus each month.  One step by step journey to happiness.  It almost feels surreal that it's really done.  Of course it's not really over as I continue to tick off my resolutions each day and put conscious, present thought into my own personal happiness.  I figured I'd end it by summing up the ways I'm happiest in all of the 12 categories.

Organization - This was probably the easiest area for me to stick with because having clean, neat space makes me feel calm inside, where as if I'm surrounded by clutter I become frazzled and anxious.  I'm a believer in "a place for everything and everything in its place."  The one minute rule is amazing (this is where I don't put off anything that takes a minute or less, like dropping a dress from a hanger in the closet). I've had to do quarterly maintenance on big items like closets and such, and everything I've really kept up with.

Physical- My weight is at a low.  Not an all time low, but still the number on the scale makes me happy.  I've also been more active and have formed a solid love/hate relationship with running.  I also have come to realize that I'm happiest when I'm putting things that are natural and beautiful into my body and that splurges have their place, but should be planned out. I'm not so great about keeping up with the whole hair and makeup done, but I do try to at least make a bit of an effort half of the days of the week.  I feel better than I have in a long time physically.

Marriage- I'm very lucky in that I love my husband.  I love hanging out with him.  We make each other laugh and he really just gets me.  I was happy in my marriage to start with.  He still drives me absolutely insane sometimes and sometimes I really want to throat punch him, but we're still going strong.  I do need to work on showing more proofs of love.  Most days I think cooking dinner constitutes a proof of love, but I might just be being a bit lazy about it, especially when he's so good about surprising me with flowers or getting my lunch set up for the next day.

Friendship- Sometimes I'm super available to my friends and other times I'm moody and reclusive.  However, possibly the most profound thing to happen to me over this year, is that I don't completely lose my shit if I'm not invited to things.  I think I'm finally understanding that my friends are my friends weather I see them once a week or once a month and that friendships wax and wane depending on what is going on in each other's lives.  And, in regards to my core group of friends, I realize that sometimes I'm just going to be on the periphery; I live in NJ where as they are in NY and I have a child that I'm responsible too.  So now when my sister tells me that she's going to have drinks with Lara on Saturday, I don't get envious that I don't get to go, I'm happy that they are having fun and I really mean that.

Parenthood- I've absolutely become more invested in creating happy memories for Isabella.  I make it a point to make fun crafts with her (thanks to pinterest) even on a weekday, I've really tried to be extra patient with her, and I try to give her a balance of quality experiences and quality time.  I'm still basically a complete mess and half the time I'm convinced that I'm completely messing her up, but a little dysfunction builds character right?

Work- I really love my job.  I always have.  I don't enjoy the bureaucracy, red tape, or politics of it.  I've tried to become more organized at work and ask for help when I need it, which are big steps for me.  I still feel insecure at times, like maybe I suck or maybe my principal hates me.  Sometimes I feel like I'm on a big audition to get back the position that was cut last year , but I'm trying to let that go.

Leisure- Unfortunately, I'm still last on my own to-do list.  I take baths less than I should, but more than I did before starting this project.  I buy myself things when I need them and I have really indulged in my love for books.

Mindfulness- This is something I'm really good at sometimes and really bad at at others.  I try to say my affirmations in the morning and read books on the metaphysical when I can, but it's definitely something I need to try and be more aware of.

Money- I don't want to talk about it.  I suck at budgeting.  I suck at saving.

Eternity- I pray every single morning in my car.  I'm becoming much more comfortable with the fact that I'm more spiritual than religious and I've figured that we'll work out Isabella's religious affiliation as we go on.

Attitude- I've really been more conscious about finding the silver lining and being grateful for even the small things.  I still get dissatisfied and tantrumy sometimes, but for the most part I'm keeping a level head.

Happiness Boot Camp- I never did have one perfect day, but I sure did give it my best.

Overall, when I wasn't engaged, I was still the "old me", but it was never my ultimate plan to overhaul who I was at my core.  I like myself, I really do for the most part.  This goal was to make myself happier.  And I am happy, deep in my bones happy.  Even when stormy winds pass through, as they always do, I try to hold onto that overall happiness.  And while there have been a lot of valleys this year, there were definitely more happy days than not.

I want to thank you for sharing in this journey with me.  I know reading about this, I may have seemed a bit self-indulgent and I want to truly say how grateful I am that you walked this path with me.

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Stepha said...

This was good to read. I need a whole life overhaul. I may be trying this out.

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