Monday, March 19, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

So usually St. Patrick's Day is just a giant excuse for me to get drunk with my friends and act like a dumb ass, but le sigh, this year Andy was working midnights and my mother had weekend plans with my aunt, so I dodged the day of drinking for a little at home fun with me and my best girl.

We had green bagels for breakfast and that mischievous leprechaun turned Isabella's milk green!  He did the same thing to her pudding at dessert.  She loved it.  These little holidays are so much more fun when you make them special with kids, even sans alcohol.  Then we met up with some friends and went to the Staten Island Zoo.  It was a beautiful day and Isabella loved feeding the animals.  Is it weird that her favorite was the bats? Hmmmm.....

May your neighbor's respect you
Troubles neglect you
Angels protect you
and Heaven accept you!

Hope you had a fun one, maybe yours even included beer!
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Kaymee said...

She is just adorable!

Jo said...

Looks like a fun Paddy's day with a very cute little girl!

ShorT1882 said...

adorable!! Her hair looks just like Evelyn's!

Stepha said...

She is getting soooo big!!!!!

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