Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Me and My Shadow

If you were wondering what that 30 pound hemorrhoid dragging behind me was, no need to worry it was just my, almost three year old, daughter.  Lately Isabella has been up my butt like there's no other show in town.  If I go into the kitchen, she goes into the kitchen.  If I run up the stairs for 3 seconds to grab a pair of socks, she's trailing right behind me.  The bathroom and shower are no longer sanctuaries for me.

To be honest, I really don't mind her hanging around me.  I miss her like crazy when I'm at work and she's really funny and fun to be around.  Plus, she's starting to become a big helper to me.  I just think that she should have some time to play alone.  Especially that her nap is phasing out, I'd like to start giving her some "quiet time" in her room to unwind, but it's difficult because she won't stay by herself.  She trails me around the house.

I've heard that a toddler clock works really well.  So the Easter Bunny might leave her that special treat in her basket.  I really think independent play is a lot more conducive to creativity and imagination than watching me folding laundry.
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Danielle said...

Oh girl I am right there with you! Little man has been following me around like a lost dog, I actually tripped over him the other night trying to cook dinner. I may need to look into a toddler clock as well, I hear good things about them!

Jo said...

I have totally forgotten about that stage .... which means it does get better.

Hope the Easter Bunny brings a special treat for Isabella that gives you some free time

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