Thursday, March 8, 2012


This is a very real fear in our household now a days.  Isabella is terrified of monsters, ghosts, bats, and foxes.  I spray them with anti-monster spray and I cast banishing spells, but apparently those besky buggers don't get the hint.

She's fine just so long as I'm in the room with her.  Even though my living room and kitchen are about 3 feet apart, if I go into the kitchen to make a cup of tea less than 2 minutes later I hear, "Mooooommmmyyyyy where are you?  Save me from the ghosts."  If I run up the stairs to grab laundry, there's my shadow not far behind.  Solo showers and privacy in the bathroom have also fallen by the wayside.

The thing is...I totally get it.  I'm pretty much scared of my own shadow.  Like I run up the stairs really fast at night so people don't kill me.  I'm convinced that there's some sort of demon just lurking around the house.  And I bet if I saw a fox or a bat it would freak me out too.  So I'm right there with her on this one.
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Caitlin MidAtlantic said...

Laura is currently afraid of the "bad dogs" in her room. This is based on reality though, as there is an evil dog behind our house who barks and howls every morning at 3am and wakes Laura up. She loves most other dogs, but bedtime has been a disaster. Laura has added a dog stuffed animal to her crib arsenal/zoo to keep her safe.

My brother had a fear of roosters for a while as a toddler, so my parents got him a "magic rooster" stuffed animal to keep him safe. May be Isabella needs a talisman?

Jo said...

Ooh that's not easy, is it. I hope she feels safer soon. And you :)

Megan B.B. said... have you tried these products???

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