Thursday, March 22, 2012

Reverse Anxiety

Wanna know something weird?  Sometimes when the weather changes from winter to spring it kinda bums me out.  Now I know about Seasonal Anxiety Disorder (SAD), but that usually happens at the onset of winter when things are dreary and there's no sunlight.  But sometimes I get some anxiety at the onset of spring.

I think it's because now there's so much pressure to be outside and to be doing things outside and sometimes I really just don't want to.  I feel like I put myself under so much pressure to be doing a ton of things.  I feel guilty holing up in the house when it's 75 and sunny outside.  Once the season is in swing I find my groove and get on with things.  At that point an occasional rainy day is a nice treat where I can just relax and watch movies all day.

But then it comes back again when school is out and months stretch before me and again I panic about how I will fill my days.  It generally takes less prodding for me to come out of that funk because there's the pool to hang out at all day.

This is weird right?
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Kaymee said...

Winter does it to me a lot. However, with this winter being a lot less wintery, it's been a lot better this year, thankfully. I don't think you're weird :)

Gourmetmama said...

I have felt the same thing too! As much as I love the summer, I also feel pressure to be out as much as possible. I used to feel really guilty if I stayed at home instead of enjoying drinks on a patio, or going to the park and doing outdoorsy stuff. Like you, I get into the swing of things and then find myself really sad when it gets cold again. Writing this down, maybe it does sound a bit weird! lol. You are not alone!

The Dolls Are Alright said...

Not weird at all. We may all be having beautiful weather, but seasonally, it is still just the beginning of Spring and easing into the faster pace takes time ~ our body knows what time it really is ~ so, you're right on target. Give yourself a break ~ stay home and watch a movie. Those tons of things you have on your list will be there tomorrow.

Blond Duck said...

Popped in from SITS! I love spring and live in S. Texas, so it's mostly the same all year long. I get depressed in the rain!

Tara said...

Hi there! I too feel the pressure of having to do something everyday, all day when the weather is nice. My daughter will be up for about 10 minutes and ask what we are doing after school (she's in per k four hours mon- thurs). And forget Fridays. I have to have a fun filled day planned or else!

I do love feeling the warmth on my face...but don't want to be pressured to do so!

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