Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Turning Negatives into Positives

The Happiness Project post is a few days late, I've been meaning to hammer it out, but I'm suffering from some sort of doppler effect of writing where the words sound good in my head, but when I go to type them out they sound trite and immature, so I have decided that this post is probably going to suck, but I'm writing it down anyway.

We've been having a rough go in regards to Isabealla's sleeping, if you're interested in that don't worry there's an entire post dedicated to it and it's coming soon.  So basically she wants me to sit in the room with her for a few minutes before bed.  So instead of being all disgruntled that I'm losing some of the few precious minutes I get to myself at the end of the day, I've decided to sit and meditate when I'm in there.  It's dark, it's quiet, and it forces me to actually do it, since meditating was one of the things I sucked at in my project.

Also, instead of moping around that I hardly ever get to see my girlfriends I planned a dinner out on Thursday.

Turning negatives into positives, yup I'm working on it.  Although I still haven't figured out how to find anything positive in the massive amounts of traffic I find myself in.
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Jo said...

I used to have to sit with our kids at bed time as well ... sometimes I even fell asleep with them. But at some point I had to draw the line (but it was after they were 4). So enjoy your meditation time, you'll miss it when it's gone.

What I do when I'm stuck in traffic I crank up the radio and sing along (or try to) at the top of my voice while 'dancing'. Totally silly but it keeps me from getting frustrated about being stuck in traffic, again.

Enjoy your dinner on Thursday!

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