Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What I'm Good At and Where I Suck

Happiness Boot Camp is in full effect and the first step to realigning myself to my original goal is to really reflect where I excel in this project and the areas that I blow in.

I'm really good at...

Taking care of myself physically.  In the 11 months that I've started this project I've really made exercise, eating healthy, and taking care of my skin a big priority.  My weight has gone up and down this past year, but currently I'm at a big time low and I feel great, skinny, strong, and healthy.  For the most part because I still have my fat days.

Organizing and decluttering.  Since my original closet/dresser purge I've kept it up by doing a mini sweep about every other month.  By sticking to my one minute rule (where I never put off anything that takes less than one minute) I've really cut down my nagging little things to do.

Praying.  I've made it a part of my routine to pray in my car every morning and talk about what I'm thankful for and ask for help if needed.  I look forward to the peace it brings.

Not fighting with Andy.  Not to say that we never fight, we do argue and bicker, but our relationship is stronger than ever because it's a priority.

Creating happy memories with Isabella and keeping my cool.  It's not always easy, especially on days where I just want to lounge around with a book and take the day off, but I try and give her as many quality experiences as I can.  I've also been really committed to keeping my patience.  I'm not always successful, but it's always in my mind.

Where I suck...

Keeping in touch with my friends.  OMG I suck at it.  I can be really close to my circle of girlfriends or I can be really close with my work friends or I can be really reclusive and not talk to anyone.  But it's been really inconsistent.

Showing proofs of love.  I never remember to do anything extra nice until like 10:30 at night.  Not even something little.  I'm sure I do things without realizing I hope, but I never realize.

Money.  I suck at budgeting.  I suck at saving.  I'm a big money spending suck fest.

Being Mindful.  Sometimes my mind still wanders and I get restless and dissatisfied.

Making time for my own leisure.  I tend to fall to the bottom of my to-do list.

Everything else kind of falls on a somewhere-in-between spectrum, so it's time to hone in on the areas of weakness.
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Jo said...

Wow! I'm really impressed with what you have accomplished.
There are so many areas in my life where I desperately need improvement, weight, organizing, being a better mom, being a better wife etc etc etc
But I am my own biggest fail .... always having all these good intentions and then not sticking with it.

jamie said...

That's the beauty of life. No one and nothing is perfect. We can't be good at everything. What amaze me is this effort of listing, which makes us aware where we need to focus more to improve. Now, let me go make my list ;)

lady gray said...

well done mama. not only at all the things you count yourself as having done RIGHT, but at the self-reflection that enables you to see the things you believe still need work. i'm proud of you. :)

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