Thursday, April 12, 2012

Real Estate Purgatory

So you all know that the house is up for sale.  And honestly, I think I really had myself convinced that someone would waltz in, fall in love, and make a reasonable offer.  No muss, no fuss.  We'd be in a new house by Easter.  Yeah well, I think I've gotten a real estate sized dose of reality.

We've had a ton of showings and a successful open house and not one offer.  We've actually just dropped the listing price down 5 thousand dollars just to keep up with the competition in our complex.  The only problem is, is that we can't go much lower and neither one of us wants to rent it out.

Dropping it down the 5 thousand was hard enough, and it's still higher than comparable town houses in the complex, the only thing we have going for us is everything is so new.  We've lived here for almost 6 years and in the past 3 we've put in a brand new AC unit, a new dishwasher, a new microwave, all new windows/sliding doors, a retiled bathroom, and updated showers.

The constant cleaning every weekend for showings is making me insane, because it can't just be surface clean it needs to be deep down clean and decluttered because you just know people are perusing through your shit. It's just disheartening because I'd really love to be in a bigger place by the end of the summer, but we just can't afford to go any lower right now.

Please send me tons of real estate selling vibes or come and buy my house...please!
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Gourmetmama said...

I once heard the tip to have something yummy baking when people are there.... of course you would have to be there for this to work . I had cinnamon buns in the oven when we were showing our house. Alternately you could have a few really yummy candles or scented oils burning, of things that seem homey :)

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