Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sleeping Update

So recently I posted about our transition to a Toddler Bed and also some Sleep Issues we were having around bedtime and I figured that I piss and moan enough about my wee one, but I really don't show her off enough.  She's been doing great.  Apparently, the best thing to do to get your kid to sleep is to write a blog post bitching about how she doesn't sleep.

We started using a sticker chart.  She gets a sticker on her chart when she stays in her bed all night (except if she has to go potty), 5 stickers and she gets a prize.  Now she's coming to an age where I can use my teaching experience to help me out a bit.  And if it's one things that kids's stickers.

It's been working for the most part.  She goes to bed without a fight now, which for me was the most annoying aspect of it.  I hated fighting with her to go to bed.  Now I just read some books, sing two songs (because she's two years old, duh), stay for two minutes (noticing a theme?) and she's good to go.  I'd say out of 7 days, we've had 5 where she either slept straight through or woke up once to go to the bathroom and maybe 2 days where she was a stinker and was up more than twice for no reason.  I'll take it.

She loves getting her stickers and getting her prize and I'm so proud of how well she's handled the transition.  She really is a very adaptable little girl.  Thanks for all of your tips and advice, they really helped me out.
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Ariel @ Dreams To Do said...

That is awesome! I wish my little stinker was motivated by stickers.

jamie said...

Great tips. So glad to know that motherhood is not so bad after all...

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