Monday, June 11, 2012

Birth Control Pills Make Me Crazy

So since I absolutely no way no how can get pregnant for another 2 more cycles, I've decided that I hate condoms just enough to brave going back on birth control.  However, bcp makes me bat shit crazy.  Like hormonal and angry and sad and just really out of whack.

Plus, even though I'm taking them correctly I'm having some mid cycle spotting and that alone was enough to send me into a tail spin because my body is unreliable, I'm sick of having a bloody vag, I'm fat and chocolate isn't a health food.  Crazy.

It also zaps my sex drive completely.  I just can't get it up when I'm on these fuckers.  I'm still giving it up, but I'm not as enthusiastic about it.  Is that how bcp work, by making you just not want to have sex and keeping your lady bits as dry as the Gobi desert?

I want to take all the birth control pills in the world and burn them.  See, I told ya...crazy.
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bailey j said...

Wow. These are REALLY unfortunate results. I don't like birth control pills. I think putting crazy hormones in your body is scary and like you know, the side effects can be not only insane but risky and unhealthy. I will always try to work around birth control - especially if it means I cant get it up aha.

Megan B.B. said...

Birth control turns me into a crazy lady. Super emotional.
I had good results on the Nuva ring, because it doesn't have estrogen in it. Maybe try that?
Megan @

Jo said...

Maybe the crazy lady is the birth control :) Good luck for the next 2 months

Tammy said...

Could you talk to your dr. about trying a different kind? Some are progesterone only, some are lower/higher dose estrogen, etc. Sometimes it's just a matter of finding the right mix of hormones for your body (I think I've tried them all since I'm old, lol!) But I definitely like the benefits when I found one that worked for me (regular periods, better skin, even moods) and prefer this method of prevention over others. But every woman is different...just a thought to maybe try a different brand/mix? Hope this helps!

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