Friday, June 15, 2012

Lather, Rinse, Repeat

I'm in such a rut lately.  We're preparing to move (our closing date is set for June 29th) and money is tight as we get ready for closing fees and all the nickel and diming that happens when you enter the world of real estate.  Don't even get me started on the cash we'll need when we buy a new house.  My social life is in a bit of a limbo.

I go to work.  Work.  Go the the gym.  Come home from work.  That's it.

It's such a mom rut.

I don't sacrifice on Isabella's fun time.  She still does her thing.  Park, pool, crafts, play dates, Sesame Place, beach, she's good.  I like to keep her social.  But my life feels a bit stale, stalled, and downright stuck.

It doesn't help that the weather is gorgeous and all I'd like to do is sit outside at a sidewalk cafe, drink a chilled glass of Pinot Grigio and gossip with my girlfriends.  But I'm really trying to be financially responsible and, Andy has been busting his ass working overtime like crazy and I'd feel so guilty to burn through that money for my own fun while he's not having any kwim?

So I need to pick your brains for some fun things I can do to shake things up a bit.  You know, spice up my life (fist pump to anyone who immediately thought of the Spice Girls just then).  What do you do when you get into a mommy rut?
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Jo said...

Just cause you don't have money to go out doesn't mean you can't do it. Get your girlfriends over for a girls night at your place. They each have to bring something to eat and a bottle of wine. Since your weather is great sit outside and gossip. We do this when we are low on cash and still have a great time.

Are you able to drink yet?

jamie said...

Awww... I'm sure there are many no-money-involve fun you can engage in. We are living from paycheck to paycheck. So, we are the thrifty fun-lovers ;) Go to the beach. Read. Hang out with girl friends at the park. Picnic! You'll be fine, Melissa ;)

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