Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Policeman's Wife

It is definitely not easy being the wife of a cop, or anyone in law enforcement.  Obviously, there's always the risk of the unthinkable happening; an accident, a car stop or domestic gone wrong.  The fact that a bullet proof vest is part of Andy's uniform can be disarming if you let your mind go there.  Which you can never let your mind go there.  You have to just accept that that is part of the job, tuck it away in a far off recess of your mind, and carry on.  This is not really the point of this post.  This is focusing on the annoying aspect of being a police man's wife.

The schedule is super annoying.  2 weeks days and 2 weeks midnights.  12 hour shifts.  I always joke that marrying a trooper is the way to go because you only have to see your spouse half the month, but the truth is is that it can get very lonely.  I'm alone a lot and I have to do a lot of things by myself.  For example, I'll have to go to birthday parties or bbq's where everyone else is there with their husband.  I'm not trying to sound whiney, but when I'm at a friend's bbq where she's the only one I know and Isabella is playing with the kids, it can be a little disarming, especially for someone like me who isn't a natural extrovert.  But I never ever say no, because I don't want to deny Isabella those experiences.  Every other weekend I'm flying solo, which means I need to plan and execute those plans alone.  It's not that I'm not capable, but sometimes it's nice to have a partner there with you.

Also, when he's working nights and I'm working days, we're like two ships passing in the night.  I maybe see him for like 10 minutes a day on the days he's working because as he leaves, I'm coming home.  Then when he's on days, he's so tired from getting up at 4 am, he's pretty much useless by 8pm.

It's not all bad.  He does get 3 days off at a clip sometimes and it gives him a lot of time at home with Isabella and it's pays well with good benefits and it's something that he loves.  I also know that there are a lot of women who have it worse, like military wives who lose their husbands to a war zone for a year or single moms or those who are widowed.  I'm not trying to compare, just share my bit of that world.
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Kaymee said...

I hear you 100% Momma! It's definitely not easy being the wife of an officer!!

Classic NYer said...

That sounds rough.

By comparison, my husband has no job and is home. All. The. Time. I kind of hate this economy...

Melinda said...

I was the daughter, granddaughter and neice of a cop. As a child it was nerve wracking to watch the news and wonder if the commotion you see involved someone you love.

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