Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Run of Bad Luck

I feel you bad luck Brian
They say when it rains it pours and they wouldn't be wrong.  It feels like lately no matter what I do something else sucky is coming at me hard core.

First there was the house that we loved and lost.  We still haven't found a house that we both love as much as that one.  I'm on the verge of desperation right now and would probably be willing to throw down 400K on a fancy cardboard box with a bay window just to have a place to call my own.  Andy on the other hand is digging in his heels and strengthening his resolve to not rush or settle, which is annoying.  Plus it seems that whenever I find a house that I like, even if it's obvious that we're not going to buy it, he rips it apart and hates everything about it.  It's like he's trying to spite me intentionally.

Then there's the car situation.  Andy's car is about 10 years old and mine is almost 8 years old.  They are old cars.  Mine was having problems with overheating.  Supposedly they've been fixed, but after a very scary ride of nearly overheating on the way home from Sesame Place I've been too nervous to drive it, so I've been driving Andy's.  Then Andy's battery was bad.  We replaced that.  Then we find out that his air conditioner compressor in his car is broken.  That's $700 to fix.  We are not about to throw that kind of money into a 10 year old car.  So we're going to lease a Rav 4 for about 2 hundred plus per month with not too much down.  New cars are fun, but not so much when both of our cars have been paid off for about 4 years.  It's just another wrench thrown in in our financial plans.

I recently finished my 30 credits above my masters for my next salary differential.  I get an e-mail from the board of ed saying that they denied that raise and gave me a lower one.  Cue smoke coming out of my ears.  I took 8 classes (24 credits) through the department of education's website.  Then I took a clep test, the Excelsior, for the last 6 on recommendation from several coworkers who have used it.  It turns out that they are no longer accepting that exam because it resembles too closely what I did in my masters coursework and they are really "cracking down" on the credits that they accept.  Which means that I wasted the $300 to take the test and then had to pay close to $600 to pay for 2 new classes that I have to haul ass to finish by the 17th of August.

I really believe that what you put out into the universe comes back to you.  I know right now all I'm putting out is negativity and yucky thoughts, but I can't snap myself out of this evil vortex of ickyness and it feels like I'm sinking deeper and deeper into a pit and I can't claw my way out of it.  This too shall pass I know, but while I'm waiting for it to pass I can't help but feel really just awful.
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mtendere said...

Hope the gray cloud passes soon and you have wonderful things coming your way in droves!

mtendere said...

Hope the gray cloud passes soon and you have wonderful things coming your way in droves!

Melinda said...

everything happens for a reason. Keep moving forward and doing what you can and things will happen for you.

Tara Lotufo said...

Only with the goddamn board of ed!!! Don't miss it for a second. I just registered for my 2nd to last masters class last week even though I plan on NEVER going back!!

Your luck will will find an awesome house that will get you out of your funk.

Madonna said...

I'll use the two cliches that I hate to hear, but I know are true: Good things happen to those who wait and everything happens for a reason. I am sure something great is going to come your way soon to make up for this. Until then, use the live-in babysitters and go have a drink or two!

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