Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Losing The One

Dudes, we've been looking for houses like it's our goddamn job.  We've been in and out of about 30 houses.  Our realtor is a saint.  A very handsome saint, with a bit of an attitude problem, but he's been very patient.  And we found one.  One that we both love.  One that blew us away.  One that was perfect.

It had a two tiered trek deck.  It had sky lights in the kitchen, a sub zero fridge, and a viking stove.  It had four bedrooms.  It had a jacuzzi tub in one of the bathrooms.  It had amazing closet space and gorgeous floors.  It had a finished basement.  The furnace and boiler and roof were all replaced in the past 6 months.  It had a big backyard.  It was everything we wanted without compromise.

We saw it on Saturday and rushed in for a second showing on Sunday so we could get our parents opinions.  Everyone was sold.  We were planning on putting an offer in on Monday and our realtor called and said that the owners had already accepted an offer and that part of the buyers conditions was that they couldn't entertain a bidding war.

It really felt like the wind had been sucked out of me.  In my mind I had already moved in, picked out paint colors, and was complaining about the taxes.  And now we have to start all over looking at houses.  It stung.  It stings.  I'm an angry sad right now.

So tomorrow off we go again with our hot realtor with no sense of humor to find a house that now has to compare with the gem of all houses.  Wish us luck because it's looking like we might be homeless forever.
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Jo said...

O that sucks!! I hope you find a better one!

Tara Lotufo said...

This happened to us- but we were in deeper. We had the home inspected...thats when the bad news came. The inspector said in all his years doing this (and he was old) that he never had to say this...run as fast as you can were his words!!!! It was such a hard hit becasue we were already looking for a year! I was devastated- but now truly feel that it happened for a reason. I love my house that we found soon after...keep on truckin girl! Lots of luck!!!

Andrea said...

Ahh...I know how that feels! Prior to starting to look, our realtor specifically said, "DO NOT GET EMOTIONALLY ATTACHED!". Of course, we did just the opposite. We found a house that we loved...only to have it slip through our fingers. By then I had already started mentally decorating the house! It was such an emotionally draining experience! I honestly think that it is helpful to take a few days or even a week break from house hunting to even get motivated to look again! Good luck with your search!

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