Monday, July 2, 2012


So all my regular readers know that I'm a school teacher in NYC and just last Wednesday I finished work for 10 blissful weeks.  Now I'm not trying to rub salt into anyone who work's wound, but there is honestly an onset of panic for me every year at this time because how am I going to fill all those days up?  When the sun is out and shining, I feel I have to be too.  I feel guilty spending a beautiful sunny day indoors.  Especially this summer when money is tight how do I keep a balance of family fun, couple fun, and Melissa fun?

Every year these thoughts plague me.  If you were so inclined you could probably go back to last June and find a post that whined about this at length.  But this year those feelings vanished rather quickly.

It's been blazing hot and the days just flow so naturally.  Wake up, have breakfast, gym, lunch, pool, bbq.  It's a beautiful and simple thing and I love it.  I'm still peppering in fun things to do that vary from that to spice things up, but in place of my usual neuroticism and neurosis, I've found a peace.

A peace that comes from deep inside.  Even when I'm tense or there's stress or worry or sadness or any other emotion that living a life brings, it's there inside.  It's like a tree that is snow covered, barren, and beaten down by the wind, but it's essence is still a tree.

Did I lose you with that one?  You probably just rolled your eyes at me a little bit.  That's ok, I like my tree metaphor.

This is a good thing.
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bailey j said...

I like your tree metaphor too :)

Enjoy your break. I will enjoy being drenched in sweat and waiting on hungry tourists all summer aha.

Stephanie said...

Oh try and enjoy every moment! Seriously, you deserve it.

Jo said...

Enjoy every moment of your 10 weeks! You deserve a peaceful & fun break!

misssrobin said...

This is a beautiful post. I'm so glad you've found peace. That's my favorite thing to find. It's interesting how we sometimes come to a place of peace better after an incredibly difficult experience than when life just flows.

Thank you for sharing your wisdom. And I love your metaphor. Winter trees hidden under snow are my favorites.

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