Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Upside of Living with Your Parents

So living with your parents as a grown ass woman mostly sucks, but sometimes it has it's perks.  While we continue to hunt and hunt and hunt some more for that perfect house we are enduring lack of privacy and lack of space.  But...there are some great things about spending a summer with your parents:

1.  They're up at the ass crack of dawn anyway (what's up with old people?) so they always get up with Isabella.  I've been sleeping to 9am everyday and the bags under my eyes are finally beginning to admit defeat.

2.  No cleaning.  Besides the room we're staying in, we don't really have to do any cleaning at all.

3.  We're saving major bank.  We're only paying for food and our other non-home related bills (cell phone, car insurance, credit card etc.) so we're not paying mortgage, gas, cable, electric, water.  It's really going to help for if when we find that house.

4.  Built in baby sitters.  Once she goes to bed Andy and I can go for a walk, a drink, a latte...whatever.

Life could be worse.
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Melinda said...

Having helpful parents is always a good thing!

Jo said...

Make the most of it, you'll miss it when you move into your perfect home! said...

Built in baby sitter is something I especially like and miss.
Although it's great living on my own, I still feel there were strong advantages while being with my parents.
Luckily my mother lives only 5 minutes walk away from us, so she is still basically a built in babysitter :)

Tara Lotufo said...

Good for you!! Get out there while you can!!! Most importantly, SLEEP your ass off!!!!

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