Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Books, Books, Books

I am quite the reader this summer and I don't usually write about books on this blog, but I absolutely have to recommend this series.  I have the best blog readers ever and when Rachel from The Life I Love suggested I try The Mortal Instrument Series to cure my Hunger Games Hangover.

I love this series.  Love it.  Not only because it's a young adult fantasy novel and we all know that I'm intrinsically drawn towards books that are written for 16 year old girls, but because it gets dark and twisty a la the latter books in the Harry Potter series.

I love the characters.  I love the story.  I love the plots and sub plots and I love that there is a spin-off/companion series.  They're even making movies.

But now I've finished all the books that are out (still waiting on two more).  And I need more books!

It doesn't necessarily have to be a young adult lol.  But I'm all about series lately.  So if you know of a good series please send me your recommendations.  I'll love you forever...swearsies.
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Kristin Faulkenberry said...

Its not a series... but I just finished reading the book "you had me at woof"... it was actually on clearance at our local BAM store, and I always judge a book by its cover (if it looks good, I will read it, and those usually turn out to be pretty darn good books!) Anyways-- this one was a keeper for sure!

MissH said...

If you liked the hunger games you would probably like the Divergent trilogy by Veronica Roth.

Bee said...

I'm embarrassed to even admit I LOVED this series, but since we're strangers I'll share. Karen Moning's FEVER series. 5 books I loved in a genre I never thought I would. We're talking serious Fantasy, but I still haven't found a series I've loved this much and I read a lot! Don't even wait, just get them. I'm gonna start City of Bones tonight now!

I'm Simply Momma said...

I LOVE THIS SERIES! and the clockwork angel "prequel series". infact im reading the clockwork prince right now :D I follow cassandra clare on facebook and she is constantly posting updates to the movie....yea there is a 16 year old girl in me freaking out too ;)

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