Thursday, August 9, 2012

My Tribe

I really do have the best readers.  There are so many wonderful women who comment here, send me e-mails, and lift my spirits.  You offer advice, give me tips, and cry with me when I need it.  There are a few who are so consistent and honest and genuine with their support that I wanted to just call them out a bit:

Ariel @ Dreams To Do : She is such a kindred spirit of mine.  She has two adorable babies and is pretty spot on with her advice and she also really knows how to commiserate.  We could definitely put away a bottle of wine and have some laughs.  And she's beautiful to boot.

Jo @ Will the Kids Turn Out Ok?: She's a mom of 2 who lives in Belgium (sucks that she's so far away).  She's very thoughtful and honest in her writing.  Love her.

MissRobin @ The Mess That is My Life: She's been around here since the beginning.  It's like she always knows whether I need a sympathetic word or a swift kick in the ass.

Stefani @ Life is Beautiful :  Ever "meet" someone on line and just know you'd be great friends?  That's how I feel about Stefani.  She's just an all around awesome person, who sends me just the things that I need at the right time to make me feel better.

Tara @ Secrets of a Momaholic : Tara is a fellow Brooklyn girl and she just kind of gets it and gets me.

And there's always my homegirl Sally from Exploits of a Military Mama her and I converse more via text than blog comments, but I'm slightly obsessed with her blog and her whole face and she's super fun and awesome.

So thank you to those awesome ladies for sticking by me and being here when it mattered, and when it didn't.
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BusyMomofTwins said...

What a wonderful idea! I love this post and all that you have to say about your online community. So important that we recognize all of the people that matter in our lives.

Tara Lotufo said...

Melissa- I do get you! And I know you get me! It's just that thing from coming from the same place. I think your awesome & I love reading your don't always have to have a niche as they say to have a can just be awesome like you are to have one!!

Thank you for my shout out- you made my day girlfriend!

And to boot- we can definitely throw back a bottle (or 2) of wine- anyday!!! We aren't that far away!!!


Ariel @ Dreams To Do said...

Ahhhhh you're too sweet! This made my day and I'm so happy I saw it! I'm on vacay this week and haven't been keeping up with the blog world. Just decided to check in real quick and this is what I found. :) I will savor a daiquiri on the beach in your honor today!

Mrs. Trophy Wife said...

You are my doll baby lovey face, and I'm still counting on a good, wine-filled Southern vacay.


Stefani said...

You are so sweet! I got all teary when I read this because it's true - we would make fabulous friends IRL :) I'm always just an email away if you ever need to vent... hugs to you my friend! <3

Jo said...

Aah I just saw this post that is so nice of you!

Yip I do wish Belgium and Brooklyn were a bit closer. Sharing a bottle of wine is hard to do at this distance!

viviene said...

They all look like great blogs! =) I can't wait to stop by their blogs!

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