Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pre-School Panic

My sweet bug is starting pre-school in September and while I'm so excited that she's ready for this step in her life I'm also in a bit of a panic.  Isabella loves being around other kids and she did great when she was in day care once a week.  So I know that she's going to love it and I know that she's ready for the extra stimulation and a learning environment, but I do worry.

Isabella is sweet and timid and shy (at least around people that she doesn't know) and I'm scared that she'll be nervous or self-conscious to talk to her teacher or to the kids at first.  Will the other kids be mean to her?  Will they leave her out?  Will she eat her lunch?  Will she ask to use the bathroom if she has to go?  Will she feel comfortable?  Will she be scared?

Or maybe I'm completely off the mark.  In that case I have a fresh set of worries:  Will she get in trouble?  Will she share?  Will she listen to the teacher?  Will she be nice to the other kids?  Will she cry a lot?

It's completely normal and natural to worry about our kids, especially when they're taking such a big step in such an independent direction.  But I'm also worried about myself.  With a real school structure also comes responsibility for me.  This is a real pre-school-grade 8 school (she'll only be there until kindergarten and then she'll go to public school) and she'll go Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:30-2:30. So I'll have to pack lunch.  Check her backpack and get papers handed back on time.  Make sure I keep up to date with show and tell and things like that.  I'll have to provide supplies for her and maybe even volunteer my time to school functions.  I'm really nervous I'm going to drop the ball and I'm going to be "that mom" who you have to hunt down for permission slips or who has to rush to the school on picture day morning because I forgot to send her with a check.

It's definitely going to be a big adjustment, one that she is most assuredly ready for, but one that I'm not so completely sure about.

What was your child's transition to the school structure like?
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