Monday, September 3, 2012

I'm Feeling Fat

I haven't weighed myself in well over a month.  At least since my trip to Ocean City.  That's not usually like me.  I usually weigh myself like clockwork:  buck ass naked on Monday morning.  But I already know what the scale is going to tell me:  "You're getting fat homegirl"

Now I know I'm not fat.  I'm a lot thinner than I was last year at this time and even then I wouldn't use the word "fat" to describe myself, so please don't think I'm trying to fish for compliments.  I'm definitely getting a bit fluffier.

I work out religiously at the gym and for the most part I eat healthy, but I do tend to fall off the wagon quite a bit and once I'm off...I'm way off.

Here's what a week looks like for me:

Monday:  I'm so glad that I'm starting to eat healthy again today.  No alcohol and no carbs at all today so I can detox from the weekend.  I'm gonna hit the gym and this is going to be the first day of the rest of my life.  I know I can do it!  I'll eat perfectly and work out hard core today.

Tuesday:  I'm still on my Monday high and pretty much eating very healthy and working out.  Carbs have made their way in in moderation, but nothing white and still no alcohol.

Wednesday:  I'm going to the gym, but I'm dragging ass.  I'm still following my meal plan, but maybe sneaking in a few bites here and there or having a "small" snack and not tracking it.

Thursday:  This is where I usually completely lose my shit.  I'll eat good all day, maybe take a rest day from the gym after killing it all week.  Then after Isabella goes to bed I'll reward myself with just one small glass of wine, which turns into three, and oh, don't late night cheese and crackers go great with wine?

Friday:  I'll wake up so disappointed with myself.  "How could you eat and drink like that last night?  You've been so good all week!"  I'll go to the gym to try to burn it off, but I'll be really weighed down from all the late night food that my run will be sub-par and I'll be copping out after 4 sets instead of 5.  But I'll eat really good, until dinner.  Then I'll eat a heavy dinner, because hey it's Friday and Friday's are fun.  You know what's fun?  Beer.  What goes great with beer?  Doritos!

Saturday:  Oh fuck it, I've been a sloth all weekend I'm just going to go to town.

Sunday:  Guilt spewing all over the place from Friday night and Saturday.  I'm cleansing myself today. I won't track, because at this point why bother.  But I'll eat moderately, won't workout because it's a day of rest (and obviously I'm so very holy), track my food for next week and eagerly await Monday morning so I can start fresh.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

Apparently you don't lose weight by only eating healthy half the time...who knew?

But for real, I can definitely feel my clothes getting a little tighter around my tummy and I can see the back fat through my workout shirt and I see some jiggling going on in the tush area.

Well, today is Monday so I'm good...let's see how I'm living life by Thursday.

Any tips?
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Jo said...

Snap! Sounds like my life, minus the gym cause the gym in my town opens afer I've gone to work in the morning and closes ½ hour after my kids are in bed.

Why is 'being good' so hard?

bailey j said...

so very familiar.

Madonna said...

Story of my life, however I got into a routine that I allowed myself a "cheat night," which was usually our weekly girls night out. And then on Saturday, I would kill it at the gym so if we went out to eat, it wasn't hanging over my head.

I also don't "starve" myself of my favorite things. If I want pasta, I buy whole wheat. If I want dessert, I eat a reasonable piece instead of the entire cake.

Maybe now that school has started, you can find a routine that works for you.

Missy said...

Oh, girl. This is me totally. If only I could limit the crazy eating to ONE day a week instead of 3-4, I'd be sooooo much better off!

Stephanie Kneese said...

Did I write this? This is totally me.

Haley Bartlett said...

Oh gosh you are in good company and I see it by the other comments LOL So many of us are just the same.

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