Tuesday, October 23, 2012

11 Weeks

Here's the weekly survey, a day late but I had a very lazy weekend.

How far along?  11 weeks 
Total weight gain/loss? Down about a pound  
Maternity clothes?  Not yet, but it's almost time to bust out the bella band
Stretch marks? No
Sleep?  I've been waking up once a night to pee
Best moment last week? Drinking my pumpkin spice latte (decaf and non-fat, but still yummy)
Movement?  No, but I have felt some gas bubbles.  Thrilling right?
Food cravings?  My sweet tooth is insane.  I could live off of cookies, cakes, and cereal.  And Mexican too. 
Food aversions?  Basically any meat from any beast, fish, or fowl
Gender? Team Green, but I have a feeling it's another girl.  
Labor signs? No
Belly button in/out? In. 
What I miss: Being able to suck in my stomach.  I've always had a weak core, but I could at least suck that bad boy in.  Now my uterus is just pushing up my fat
What I am looking forward to: Dr appointment on Monday and then we can announce.  I'm also a bit nervous for this one. 
Milestones: Almost out of first tri

Not much of a bump, but it looks like I'm rounding out a touch

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Ariel @ Dreams To Do said...

Don't be nervous for Monday... be EXCITED! (although I totes understand why you'd be nervous)

Yay for almost being out of the first tri!!! :-)

Jo said...

I think it's a boy ...

Yay for Monday, I'm pretty sure you'll be getting the all clear

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