Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Isabella Update

Mrs. Petrillo has been upstaging this blog lately and I need to shine the limelight on my first born hellacious child, Isabella.

Isabella is 3 years old going on 16.  That girl has an opinion about everything and oh boy is she a drama queen.  She's very particular about what she wears, eats, and where we go.  She also has a crazy vivid imagination.  We play baby caterpillar, baby kitty, baby puppy, she makes elaborate stories up and loves when I tell stories to her.  We put on princess shows with a hula hoop.  She's tons of fun.  I actually really like spending time with her just the two of us.

She's still really needy when it comes to playing by herself.  She's not made much progress on the whole playing by herself bit.

She loves 80's music.  That girl can belt out Pat Bennetar and Belinda Carlisle with the best of them, which completely cracks my shit up.

She loves animals.  We went to the park this weekend and she sat and played with a caterpillar for 45 minutes.  She is always pretending to be some animal or another.

She's also crazy smart.  She knows all her letters, capital and lower case.  She knows all the letter sounds.  She can count to 20.  And she can write her letters with a lot of support.  She also knows all her colors and asks tons of questions.

She can also dig her heels in something fierce and sometimes I feel like a damned broken record with all the "get dressed" "put your shoes on" "go to the bathroom" over and over and over again.  The not listening is super obnoxious.  3's are definitely harder than two, but she's still pretty awesome.
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Jo said...

She's gorgeous

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