Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Posy Lane Towel Wrap Review

Posy Lane is your one stop shopping for toddler backpacks, towel wraps, totes, and more...all personalized I might add.  I was super jazzed up to pick something out to review that it literally took me 3 days to decide what I wanted because everything was awesome and I kind of wanted it all.

I was thisclose to picking up a toddler backpack for Isabella, because some of the ones they have are to die for, but I was feeling a bit selfish and decided to get a towel wrap for myself.  They had so many great options, but ultimately I decided on a pretty sea foam green with the letter "M" embroidered on the bottom.  Not only were there so many options for towel wraps, but also for the personalization.  You could really play around with font and color to make it your own.

Cute right?  And it's perfect for when I get out of the shower and want to do my hair and make up before I figure out what I'm wearing get dressed.  It has a no budge velcro snap across the top that keeps it firmly in place.  I love it and so would my sister which is why she's getting one for Christmas.  In fact you could do some damage on that website with Christmas gifts because they have a ton of stuff.  So go and check out Posy Lane!

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