Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A 3 Year Olds View on Pregnancy

At my last Dr's appointment, post-Sandy in the hospital, because my obgyn's office was still without power we took Isabella.  She knew I was going to the doctor, but didn't know what for.  All she cared about was that no one was getting a shot.  When they put the doppler on my stomach and we heard that reassuring gallop of *thump thump, thump thump* I asked her if she heard that and she looked super confused, but said "yes" I told her that that was the baby in mommy's tummy and she was going to be a big sister.

She was excited, but it kind of wore off.  Now she's coming out with some bizarre-o things that are pregnancy related.  Some of them are endearingly cute and others just make you wanna go hmmmm....

The baby is always a girl.  She's having a sister she said, no way a brother.  So far the baby has been named Sleeping Beauty, Princess, Ariel, and now Felicia, because Shrek and Fiona's daughter is named Felicia.  If it's a boy, which according to her it's not, it's either Brother Bear or Jon Snow.  Poor baby is going to have a rough life ahead.

The other day she was in the bath and she asked me if she could see my tummy, so I lifted my shirt a bit and she threw a cup of water on me and told me that her baby sister needed a bath.

Then she tells me that if I want a baby and can grow one in my tummy, that she wants a kitty and will grow one in her tummy.  So now she makes me rub and scratch her tummy so it will grow big and strong.  So weird.

She also tells me that the baby is growing in my tummy until it's bigger and bigger and bigger then it's gonna pop out and be one years old and play with her.  I've been really trying to drive home the point that the baby won't be much fun for a while.

She also wonders why I'm not eating baby food, since that's what baby's eat and the food I eat goes into my tummy.  That's cute and functional because I was able to wrest a gumball away from her because I told her the baby wanted it.  Sucker!!!

All in all she's been really sweet and excited about the baby.  She'll talk to my belly and rub it, but it's not the sole point of her existence, more like an after thought which is perfect for right now.


Jo said...

That is so cute!

When Cat first leaned that it takes a seed and an egg to make a baby she rushed over to where my mom kept all her seeds saying that she better eat some seeds cause she wants a baby to grow in her tummy.

Ariel @ Dreams To Do said...

I think Isabella is on to something with the name Ariel. :-) Sounds like a winner, to me! She is so cute.

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