Thursday, November 29, 2012

A General Update on Life

My bad about the lack of posts this week, but I'm still pretty bent out of shape with this vile pregnancy induced sciatica.  But here's a general update on the craziness of life.

1.  Sciatica sucks.  Dude, if The Walking Dead were casting for pregnant zombie extras I've got the walk down pat.  It's half a limp and half a drag.  It's gotten bearable where I can act like a quasi functioning human adult, but it's still painful and pretty constant.  I've been doing stretches 3 times a day everyday for 10 minutes and that helps a lot.  Andy's been giving me a lot of massages and I let the hot water hit my back for a few minutes at the end of the shower.  The worst is the morning when I've been sleeping and it's all stiff.  Andy had to help me get dressed and out the door, but today I was able to crawl out of bed so I could do my stretches.  Progress.  My OB says that I should take a prenatal yoga class (all signed up!), get a support belt, and if it hasn't corrected itself in 2 weeks to go see a chiropractor that has dealt with pregnant women.  Good to have a plan.

2.  Things with the house are coming along nicely seeing as I have been rendered completely useless, I have to just use my ornary powers of organization and nagging to get stuff done.  The painting is almost complete, the floor guy is coming on Monday, the door guy is coming on Thursday, and the kitchen guy is coming the following week.  Things are happening people!  There's still, oh about a thousand little things that still need to get done, but baby steps.

3.  Mrs. Petrillo is doing great.  I had an appointment today and I'm up 3lbs which is fine.  Nice strong heartbeat of 155 bpm.  I have my anatomy scan the day after Christmas, so tempting but I'm standing firm on Team Green.  And I've started feeling movement.  Not gas, real deal baby wiggles.  Such a weird and awesome feeling.

4.  Traffic blows.  I don't know what thought patterns I'm sending out into the universe but all I'm getting back is traffic.

5.  Twilight is awesome sauce, go see it.

6.  Between work and the house I've barely seen my husband the past week and Isabella and I are missing him very much.

7.  That's it...lots of fun holiday things coming up and I'm excited for the holidays.  I'll be back to my usual writing schedule next week, now that I can sit in a position for longer than 20 seconds without wanting to die.


Caitlin MidAtlantic said...

Do you have an exercise ball? Try sitting on that. That really helped me! The yoga will be great, too, if only for the commeraderie of a room filled with pregnant women!

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