Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My Best Friend Daddy

Isabella goes through phases of who she loves the most.  When she was small and she would favor my mother or my sister sometimes it would really get to me, it would range from borderline grating to out and out painful.  But your mommy skin thickens and you realize that these phases are just that...fleeting phases based on the whims of psychopathic children.

I've been on the receiving end of one of those phases where it's all about mommy and, while the love and adoration is amazing, it can get pretty annoying when you can't so much as leave the room without a 3 foot shadow.

For the past few months we've been in a very long and very heart felt "daddy phase".  I swear to the heavens she is obsessed with Andy.  I can't even touch him because she get super jealous.  And God-forbid you say anything remotely negative, joking or not, she'll ream you out for being mean to her daddy.

These are common phases we hear around our household lately:

"Don't say that about my best friend daddy"
"Don't me mean to my daddy"
"Daddy loves me more than you"
"I love you mommy, but I still love daddy the best"
"Daddy is my number one best friend"

There's also a lot of sickening hugs and kisses.  I think part of it is some sort of competetiveness with me.

"I'm prettier than you"
"My hair is longer than yours"

I don't get it.  But there's a lot of things about kids I don't get.

What I do know is that somehow, even though daddy is the clear front runner, she still requests me to wipe her nose, take her to the bathroom, make her food, do her hair, and pretend to be a dog with.

Go figure.


Jo said...

Cat is now 10 years old and she still baffles me. She loves her dad and will talk to him about everything under the sun (something I'm very happy about). But I still sometimes feel a bit hurt by the fact that my daughter is not like that with me. I mean, I'm her mom!

But just like Isabella, Cat still prefers me over him when she is sick/hurt or wants food ... I guess that is just they way girls are.

Shana Scott said...

I wish I could say boys are different but my pregnancy has brought us full on Daddy obsession! He sees his dad after school then Daddy leaves to come get Mommy and when we get home it's 'hello Papa'...nothing for Momma! I like to convince myself it is a phase and he'll return to my Mommy's boy ;-) Daddy's are just different than Mommy's I guess. Know you aren't alone!

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