Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My Pregnant Belly

I'm at a weird stage of pregnancy right now.  I'm kind of starting to show, but it could look like I'm just drinking a lot of beer and eating a lot of donuts.  I definitely don't have that cute, hard, round little belly yet, which I love.

I'm not at the most flattering point in my pregnancy physically.  Here's the thing, my uterus is raised above my pubic bone so it's making a small, squishy bulge in my lower stomach.  That in turn is pushing up all my organs and fat into my upper stomach.  However, my belly button, for some reason hates me and it looks like a belt around my stomach neatly dividing the upper fat and the lower bulge.  Also, when I eat food and it doesn't matter if it's two bites or an entire meal, the upper portion swells over the lower portion.  Sexy right?

I feel like I'm definitely showing a bit sooner this time around.  Faster than I was with Isabella, even though I started at a lower weight this time around.  It took until around 19-20 weeks until I got a nice firm bump with Isabella.  So it looks like I'm in for a few more weeks of the inbetween.  Maybe some of those pregnant lady spanx will even things out a bit.


Jo said...

From your photo of the other day you are looking great!

O and I forgot to tell you I like the new look (of the blog)

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