Monday, November 19, 2012

Short Term Health Insurance

With the elections still buzzing in the air a hot topic of conversation has been health insurance.  We all know that medical costs can be ridiculous.  I mean honestly, the bill for my stay at the hospital when I had Isabella was in the tens of thousands, to stay in the hospital for 2 nights and give birth to a healthy baby.  Thank God I have health insurance.

If you're in a job transition, taking a risky vacation, or taking on a high risk job you might want to look into short term health insurance.  This does not mean that the health insurance is worse, it's just for a shorter time period.

Here's where Short Term Health can help.  They can find and compare short term health insurance quotes.  They work with you to get companies to barter against each other so you get the best deal.  The site is very user friendly and you can search quotes by state.

So if you're in the market for health insurance that covers you for a shorter period of time for whatever your life circumstance at the moment, let Short Term Health help to meet your needs.

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Stacy said...

1. Since it’s not wise to stay without insurance, a short term health insurance is really useful when you need immediate protection. In fact, it’s easier to get one as well since the insurers usually don’t take much time to approve applications for such policies. It comes of use during the transitional periods like when the young adults can no longer stay insured under their parent’s plan and apply for their individual health care protection, or for the young retirees or for those who have applied for long term plans and are waiting for the coverage to come into effect. However, if you’re about to give up your present job, the employee group health plan will not cover you anymore. The COBRA insurance will let you continue with the existing health plan only, till you get new health coverage. Thus, you won’t need to buy a separate short term health insurance.

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