Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Still Squatting

So in all the baby hooplah I've forgotten to discuss my current housing situation.  If you're new around these parts, we sold our townhouse back in July and have been staying with my parents while we house hunted.  After an entire summer of looking at houses, 71 houses to be exact, we finally found one that we loved.  We were all set to close on October 15th.  We put the offer in at the end of August.  That gave us 6 weeks to get our shit together right?


Well we were able to get our shit together in 6 weeks, but the sellers, eh not so much.  Apparently they took out a loan for an extension on the house.  They paid it off, but apparently they had no proof of it being paid off.  So the closing was delayed.  Then the hurricane hit and the seller's lawyers are still without power, so it's delayed again until who knows when.

So currently, we wait in limbo.  Still at my parents.  For 4 months.  And counting.

Each and every day we're here I move a little closer to homicide.  When I was a teenager I thought my parents were annoying because they tried to make me follow rules and keep a curfew...turns out they're just annoying.

My mom is Miss. Miserable.  That woman will sit on the couch all day long reading a book and watching TV and eating junk food.  She has diabetes and just recovered from colon cancer stage 3.  You think she would learn her damn lesson and eat healthy and exercise.  She doesn't go to the dr's, I've never once seen her take her blood sugar, and she has such an unhealthy lifestyle.  I've had so many fights with her about it and she has one damn excuse after another.  Eventually, it's going to catch up to her.

My father is probably the most annoying person on the planet.  He asks me about 50 million questions a day and really thinks that he's in charge of parenting Isabella.  I can't even stomach to be in the same room as him.

Honestly, I'm so aggravated with the both of them that we're seriously thinking of renting a place, even if it's just for a month or so to get out of here.  I really can't take one more damn day of either one of them.  I'm sure I get on their nerves as well, but they don't have a blog where they can bitch about me and I do so nah!
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Jo said...

LOL ... sorry to be laughing at your frustration but that last line just killed me!

O shame I feel for you, honestly I spent ages living with my in-laws and my f-i-l decided that my sleep training was unacceptable so he insisted that I rock the kid to sleep.

I hope you guys are able to get the ball rolling so you can move into your own place!

Tara Lotufo said...'ll be out before you know it! Cook them a nice, healthy dinner once your settled and then don't see them for a few months! LOL

I feel your pain. I've only been out of my house since Sandy hit and I'm losing my mind.

One day we need to have a nice, long chat about this blogging business- maybe we can team up on some stuff.

Ariel @ Dreams To Do said...

Your mom sounds like my mom. So sad! I would DIE (or kill someone) if I had to live with my parents again. You are one strong woman!! You've made it this far, so just keep on truckin!

Alison said...

Oh that's tough. I would hate to be living with my parents - we get on much better with some distance between us :)

Good luck, hope you settle the house soon!

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