Thursday, November 22, 2012

We Have a House

We are no longer homeless, last week we signed the papers and we officially closed on the house!!!!  So damn exciting to finally have those keys and know that there's an end in sight to living with my parents.

I've been a little bratty in regards to living here, it did give us a wonderful opportunity to save money and to unload our old townhouse without the worry of coordinating closing dates.  And my parents are a huge help with Isabella.  My mom will get up with her in the morning and my dad will play with her for hours.  My mom never plays with her, which is odd.  I don't think my mom knows how to play.  And I'm sure they have their own lists of complaints about me...moody, easily annoyed, lazy, etc.

But...there's an end.  No more walking through the door to see my mother sitting on the couch, where she was all day or getting the royal interrogation from my father all day long.  I'll have my own space to do my own thing.  I'll be surrounded by my own stuff.  I can get back into my old routines.

It'll take a while.  We're painting the entire house.  Poly-eur-a something the floors.  Gutting the kitchen completely.  Replacing the light fixtures. And God only knows what else will come up, but it's ours and before too long we'll be living there for a short while as a family of three and it is in that house that we'll become a family of 4.

If you need me...I'll be on pinterest.


Jo said...

That is fantastic! So very happy for you!

Enjoy planning everything and then doing everything to make the house really your own home!

Ariel @ Dreams To Do said...

YAY YAY YAY! Congrats! That is SO exciting? So, do ya think you'll be in for Christmas? Can't wait to see your progress - especially in the kitchen! I would love to re-do a kitchen. Well, maybe not the process, but just having a space that I helped design. Have fun with it!

Stefani said...

Horaaaay!!!! =]

We are just getting ready to sell our home and build a new one... let the drama (and pinterest-ing) begin!

I can't imagine living with my parents for that long - we did six months with my in-laws right after we got married while we were looking for our first place and I was ready to kill someone by the time we moved out. Depending on how the selling process goes, we may end up back there (plus two kids) for a few weeks which makes me queasy... BUT it is good to know there is an end in sight. Congrats again and happy pinterest hunting!


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