Monday, December 31, 2012

21 Weeks

How far along?  21 weeks
Total weight gain/loss? Up 5 lbs
Maternity clothes? All bottoms, there are a few tops I can still get away with 
Stretch marks? Nope
Sleep? I'm having a tough time sleeping.  I wake up a lot and just can't get comfortable.  I'm a stomach sleeper, so that's a problem and my snoogie is cumbersome and makes my arm fall asleep
Best moment last week? A healthy anatomy scan!  We got to watch, a very active, Mrs. Petrillo bounce and bee bop all over the place.  I was so tempted to just find out the sex, but stayed strong.  Baby weights 13 oz, is growing right on track and all the organs look normal.
Movement? Getting lots of low thuds, pokes, and twitches
Food cravings? Cookies of all sorts, except anything with mint.  Mint desserts are wack.  
Food aversions?  chicken and apparently mint desserts 
Gender? Team Green
Labor signs? Still with the BH, doc said it's normal for them to start earlier the second time around.   
Belly button in/out? In, but getting flatter
What I miss: Being able to lift heavy things.  We're mid move and I'd like to help out more
What I am looking forward to: Deciding on a name.  We've got our girl name set, but our boy name is wishy washy.
Milestones: Passing the halfway mark.  

It really irritates me that I faced the wrong way in this picture.  In all the other pics I was facing the other way.  


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