Monday, December 17, 2012

Elf on the Shelf / Elf Gram Week 2

We just finished up week 2 of our lovely little Elf on the Shelf, Daniella, with her daily elf grams from the North Pole.  Isabella is obsessed with her, and even though it's a bit more work and planning for me, I love it!

Day 8
Elf Hiding Spot: Checking out the fish in the fish know the one that wont die
Elf Gram: Christmas Dance Party

Day 9
Elf Hiding Spot: Hanging out in the sconce 
Elf Gram: Breakfast with Santa

Day 10
Elf Hiding Spot:  Elf toilet papers the Christmas tree
Elf Gram: Go see Santa at the mall

Day 11
Elf Hiding Spot:  Takes a ride on a toy and delivers a note from the North Pole
Elf Gram: Make salt dough ornaments

You can find tons of recipes for salt dough online.  I used a straw to put a hole in them before they dried, then we painted them and glittered them up.

Day 12
Elf Hiding Spot: Fishes for goldfish crackers in the toilet
Elf Gram: Bake a sweet treat

I probably should have cleaned the toilet, but I'm pregnant so I'm entitled not to

Day 13
Elf Hiding Spot:  Takes a joy ride in Santa's sleigh
Elf Gram: Watch Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer

Day 14
Elf Hiding Spot:  Takes flight on the ceiling fan
Elf Gram: Take a glow in the dark bath

For the bath we just tossed glow sticks in the bath tub and shut the lights off.  I got a pack of 15 for a buck at the dollar store.  

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