Monday, December 10, 2012

Elf on the Shelf Featuring Elf Gram

It's that time of year again when the super creepy, hypocritical Elf on the Shelf makes it's appearance.  This is the first year we're doing it and I thought it would be cool if the Elf (ours is named Daniella) left a note in Isabella's stocking each morning with something fun to do each day.  Here's week one.

Day 1
Hiding Spot: Elf makes a snow angel out of flour
Elf Gram:  Go on the Santa Train to the North Pole!

Day 2

Elf Hiding Spot:  In the stocking
Day 2:  Make a gingerbread house


Day 3

Elf Hiding Spot: Marshmallow bath
Elf Gram:  Make a Christmas tree with felt and pom poms

Just cut a tree, star, and stump out of felt and then glue on poms, beads or buttons.  So fun and easy.

Day 4

Elf Hiding Spot:  Writes a funny message in the mirror
Elf Gram: Ornament craft

I got a plain white ornament from Michael's painter her hand in glue and then doused it in glitter

Day 5

Elf Hiding Spot: Elf makes a mess with the shaving cream
Elf Gram:  Write a letter to Santa

Day 6

Elf Hiding Spot:  In a boot
Elf Gram:  Watch the Polar Express and drink Hot Chocolate


Day 7

Elf Hiding Spot:  On the Christmas Tree
Elf Gram:  Go to hear a reading of Polar Express at Barnes and Nobles

Stay tuned for Elf on the Shelf Featuring Elf Gram Week 2 next week


Ariel @ Dreams To Do said...

Don't even pretend that you aren't super mom! This is so much more than I would ever do. You are good. :-)

Lil'Misa said...

I love the idea of doing something each day!

I might have to do that next year :)

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