Saturday, December 29, 2012

Elf on the Shelf/Elf Gram Week 3+

Day 15
Elf Hiding Spot: Hangs out by the presents 
Elf Gram: Mommy Express (after bath when it's usually bed time, hide a ticket in the bed and go for a drive around the neighborhood to see the lights with hot chocolate and popcorn)

Day 16
Elf Hiding Spot: Hangs out in the freezer because she misses the North Pole
Elf Gram: Go to see How the Grinch Stole Christmas (or other Christmas production)

Day 17
Elf Hiding Spot: Sneaks a sweet treat in the fridge
Elf Gram: Make a snowman out of paper plates 

Day 18
Elf Hiding Spot: Spends the day with Mrs. Frosty
Elf Gram: Make a handprint Christmas wreath

This is what it was supposed to look like:

This is what Isabella wanted to make: 

Day 19
Elf Hiding Spot: Decorates the tree with the kids undies
Elf Gram: Go see the Christmas lights

Day 20
Elf Hiding Spot: Toilet papers the Christmas tree
Elf Gram: Christmas Dance Party

Day 21
Elf Hiding Spot: Gets spicy hanging out with the salt
Elf Gram: Bake Christmas cookies

Day 22
Elf Hiding Spot: In the sock draw
Elf Gram: Read some Christmas books

Day 23
Elf Hiding Spot: Elf reads a Christmas story
Elf Gram: Go to/throw a gingerbread house making party

Day 24
Elf Hiding Spot: The Elf leaves a good bye letter
Elf Gram: Elf magic is lifted for a few minutes and you can hug and kiss your elf


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