Friday, December 7, 2012

Feeling Bigger

I'm most definitely feeling bigger the second time around.  I'm showing more and it's more obvious that I'm pregnant even though I'm only 17 weeks.  At this time with Isabella I was still in regular clothes and it only looked like I might be getting a bit fat.  Here are pics for proof.

On the left I'm 17 weeks with Isabella and on the right I'm 17 weeks with Mrs. Petrillo.  Now I don't know why my hair is so short and gross or why I'm so pale or why I'm wearing that hideous (albeit non maternity) shirt, but I'm definitely sporting a smaller bump.  On the right I'm probably thinner overall, my legs and arms specifically, and my hair is cuter, but my butt and bump are larger.  Although, my sister just pointed out to me that I look fatter overall in my first pregnancy which is probably why my  bump just appears larger in the second.  Isn't she just a peach?

I guess I'm all stretched out from the first go round and once the car leaves the show room it's just never the same again! 


Jo said...

WOW! You are looking great!

torinelson said...

You look awesome, mama!

doseofreality said...

Personally, I think you look great! Seriously, I look like that after a big sandwich! ;)

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