Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Before and During

So you've been listening to me piss and moan about this money pit that we bought.  But it's honestly really not that bad.  Well, it's kind of bad, but when the house is full of people and the kids are running through the halls and laughter is echoing, boys are in the family room watching football and the women are in the living room talking and everyone is eating a home cooked meal, I can see what the house is meant to be.

When the house isn't leaking or sparking or shaking I really like it.

And we've come a long way.  This post is pic heavy so I can show you the before and durings of each room.  We're far away from "after" but we're getting there.

Living Room

The way the old owners had it:

Construction Phase:


 Family Room

The way the old owners had it:


That would be RHOBH on the TV thankyouverymuch

Also, it's night so you're missing out on the amazing lighting that this room has.
Dining Room

The way the old owners had it:

Construction Phase:


I am obsessed with the color of the walls.  Like I love it for realz.


The way the old owners had it:

Construction Phase:


We obviously did a ton of work in the kitchen and it looks amazing.  I know there are dishes in the sink in these pics, but we live here people and that's what life looks like.  It also has a built in spice rack, lazy susan, and a pantry with pull out shelves.  Half the electricity doesn't work, but gosh isn't it pretty?

Isabella's Room

The way the owners had it:

Construction Phase:

There's Andy in his "working" outfit.  Can't wait to burn that thing.  


Her room still needs a lot of decorative work. 


Old owners:

Construction Phase:

Sadly Mrs. Petrillo's room is still under construction.  I will say that it took 3 grown men 3 days to get that wallpaper off the wall.  


This is actually the only room that looks worse.  The whole damn thing flooded.  Twice.  

The way the old owners had it:

Current flooded mess:

Ceiling wires

My saving grace

See the lovely holes in the bottom of the walls

Far from done, but man we've come a long way.  


Jo said...

It's good to look back at how far you've come .... will help you stay sane.

It is looking good though!

Ashley Cruz said...

I like your positive outlook on it! You've really made some great improvements. Loving that dinning room wall color. :)

Ariel @ Dreams To Do said...

So jealous of your family room! LOVE all the windows! Totally not jealous of the headache over all of those renos and the flooded basement, though! I have a feeling 2013 is going to be a MUCH better year for you. Good things are coming your way! Soon enough your house will be all settled in to and you'll have a new baby to snuggle.

The Dose of Reality said...

WOW! It looks amazing! I am really impressed...love the dining room wall colors, too! :)

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