Monday, January 7, 2013

Guest Post: 5 Reasons to Take Time Off

5 Reasons to Take Time Off

So you've been trudging along at your job for a few years now and you feel like one of the characters in the film Office Space, tethered to your work by a ball and chain. Here are five reasons why it's time to pack up your safari hat, your gadgets, your protein bars, and your mobile devices and hit the road. You only live once!

Spontaneity is good for the soul
If you live and work under rigid deadlines, schedules, and daily number-crunching timetables, you've likely got enough stress to fuel a nuclear reactor. To be spontaneous for a few weeks will not only be good for your emotional health, it will release stress, cleansing your physical systems. Get yourself on a cruise to an island in the Bahamas, go on a backpacking trip in the mountains, rent a room at the Tropicana Las Vegas and test your luck on the Strip.

New adventures could lead to new career opportunities
Setting out into the world at large could open up brand new career trajectories for you. You may discover that your real passion is videography or international relations. Or you may make incredible connections for the career you already have. In fact, taking time off from work and going on an extended vacation may turn out to be your best business trip of your life. You might come back and be able to tell your boss that you were actually working and that NOW you're going to take your time off. Sometimes we do our best work when we don't think we're working.

Meet the love of your life
Few things give someone more direction and stability than being in love. Your soulmate could be anywhere in the world right now, just waiting for your paths to cross. If you haven't found the love of your life yet—or perhaps just a fun partner—it may be time to jetset around the world looking for a soul-quenching romance. Remember what the Beatles said, “All you need is love.” They weren't just whistling Dixie. It's true.

Your hobbies needs attention too
Even if you don't completely switch careers, most of us have hobbies outside of work that could use a little attention. Whether you're a photographer or a writer on the side, a vacation away from home and work can be just the catalyst you need to produce your best work ever.

Some spots won't be around forever
From the Great Barrier Reef to New Orleans, some of the most incredible locations in the world are in danger of being destroyed by global warming and other repercussions of climate change. Visit them now, or forever hold your peace.

There are no limits to the personal reasons you may need to take time off from work. The important thing is not to view it as being lazy but to take advantage of the opportunity by traveling, being creative, finding love, and inspiring yourself with beautiful locations and memorable adventures.

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bailey j said...

I'm so on board with this post! I have discovered so much about myself and the world by taking time off and traveling - incl to meet my boyfriend across the continent!

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