Friday, January 11, 2013

Other Mother's Know Best

I believe that women are each other's greatest resources if we could just stop talking smack, judging, and competing with each other.

I am enlightened and know that three quarters of my readers are wiser and more awesome than I am.  The other 25% are just as dumb as I am.

So I have some questions and I'm hoping you wise readers have some answers.

1.  How do you clean and sanitized sealed granite?  I've never had nice things before and I don't know how to take care of them!

2.  Speak to me if you've had a breast reduction.  I want a reduction and a lift after the baby comes and I want insurance to pay for it.

3.  Have you ever gotten treatment for varicose or spider veins?

4.  How do you take care of your wood floors?

5.  Can you only vacuum carpet?

6.  Do you upload your own blog posts to pinterest?

7.  How do you get syndicated on blogher?

8.  Do you like me like me or just like me?

Have a great weekend!


mtendere said...

Don't know much about anything you posted except that we use the vacuum everywhere in the house. So much easier that sweeping! Of course there are nooks and crannies where only a broom will do, but then sweep them out into the middle and vacuum them up! The only problem with this philosophy is that we employ a cleaning lady one day a week and she runs the vacuum If that's not a first world problem, I don't know what is!

Ariel @ Dreams To Do said...

Um, I can only like answer a couple of your questions...

#4 - We vacuum our wood floors and use Method almond wood floor cleaner with a swiffer type reusable mop thingy. It smells AMAZING! We bought it at Target, but you can find it online. Google it.

#5 - We vacuum everything. Even the high chair and our couch.

#6 - No. I pinned one of my DIY posts once because I wanted to show my friends. This was before Pinterest was used as a promotional tool. I still feel weird promoting myself, but I think it works.

#8 - I like you like you. You make me smile. :-)

Lindsey Brackett said...

You're so funny! Got no idea about granite, but I do have hardwood floors. I like Murphy Oil Soap. I know crazy people who actually get down on all fours and clean their hardwoods, but I prefer my wet/dry mop. Seriously, it's just going to get dirty again in 30 seconds. Sometimes for a quickie, I just use the steam mop. It's definitely easier. i don't upload my own blog posts to pinterest, but I would like to know how to add the pin it button to them. Let me know if you know. And you have to go the blogher website and fill out a form and wait to see if they select you. you have a pretty big following, so I would think so. I haven't heard from them myself...

Ashley Cruz said...

We just bought a new house and the design center, where we picked out our finishings, told us to not use water, Murphy Oil or any kind of soap on the hardwood but rather this stuff called "Bona" and a dust mop (like a swiffer mop thing, but don't use their soap). They also said we could vacuum and sweep it. And if it ever does get wet, wipe it dry immediately.

They didn't tell use anything about how to care for the granite so I'm in the dark with that one too.

Chatón said...

Murphy Oil soap for the floors. Furniture polish on a damp cloth mop can give it a nice sheen too. Vacuum EVERYTHING!

I want to know how to get syndicated on BlogHer too. Call me maybe?!

The Dose of Reality said...

If you Google how to get syndicated on Blog Her, the first link that pops up will tell you exactly what to do! :)
Oh and we have a plugin that let's just post to Pinterest. I think it is something like "Pinterest Lite".
Stopping by from SITS. :)

Melisa said...

Here's where you can find information on BlogHer syndication:

Good Luck! :)

Melisa Wells
Social Media Researcher

Meggie Sue said...

#2 - I have had a reduction (4.5 years ago now...)BEST THING I EVER DID for myself!! (*Almost - the "Almost" in there only because I think it caused some nursing problems with my son, but I didn't have any kids before that so really I don't have a baseline). Anyway, in my case I went from a DD to Cish. I cannot express how worth it is was. It was such a boost to my self esteem and I just didn't feel as weighed-down and conscientious about my clothes and appearance. I can help with other questions you might have!

I know several other people who have had them as well and have never heard any regrets.

5) You could interpret the question two ways: 1) We have a carpet cleaner to use on carpet. You can find them at Target, Walmart, etc. Works wonders on spots and stains. 2) As above, I use my vacuum on our slate floors and carpet.

8)Well I don't really know you so I only 'like' you right now... but I love your honesty :) haha

Hope some of those help!

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