Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Other People's Kids

Because mine is just "perfect"
I have a very low tolerance for other people's children.  Not all children.  For example, the children I am paid to interact with, i.e, my students, and a few close friends/family children, but honestly some of the children Isabella plays with are just really annoying.

I don't know if it's innate character flaws in these children or just sub par parenting that makes them get on my nerves, but they do.  Maybe it's just because my child is so smart/awesome/polite/cute/clean that it's hard for me to tolerate anything less than that.  Maybe it's because I'm just an evil bitch deep down in the depths of my soul.  But whatever the reason, most other children drive me up a wall.

The worst offenses in my eyes are:  not cleaning up after yourself.  When you're done with one toy, clean it up BEFORE you get another one.  I know it's annoying to teach your kids this, but it's really not that hard if you stick with it.  I also hate when kids dump.  Like dump out an entire toy box.  Just sift through it and find what you want.  Animals.  Incessant whining, crying, or tattling also tops my list of offenses (Isabella probably annoys other people with this as she is a bit of a cry baby).  Things like 3 year olds with pacifiers also annoy me and kids who eat junk food all day.

It can't just be me.  I refuse to believe that I'm the only one who gets annoyed with other people's kids.  Now it's not all of them, but it's probably most of them.

If you guys could just all raise your kids in a way that is not frustrating to me that would be great, thanks!


Kelli said...

I get annoyed as well. And I don't want to be that parent that never allows my children to play with "these" children. I just try and limit it. That sounds awful!..

Ashley Cruz said...

My husband has a very low tolerance for other people's children. I worry that he will be the same with our kids (we don't have any yet) but reading this post makes me hopeful that our kids won't annoy him like you kid doesn't annoy you. :)

The girls said...

Yes! To this entire post! I firmly believe it's 80% parenting/20% nature. In public, I walk around thinking "What the hell?" the majority of the time.

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