Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pregnant Sex

There have been a lot of phases regarding sex this pregnancy.  In the beginning I was placed on 7 weeks of pelvic rest due to my unexplained bleeding.  Obviously there was nothing going on in the lovin' department at that point, but once we got past that hump (pun intended gigglesnort), I thought I would be dying for it...and I was, physically, but mentally I was just really nervous.

I was afraid that after that long of a dry spell it would hurt physically.  I was also terrified that I'd go to clean up and find bright red blood again, even though the original bleed didn't happen after sex.  It was awkward and "bumpy" at first, but just like Stella, we found our groove.  I started feeling more secure and enjoying myself again.

There was a brief interlude where I wasn't on pelvic rest and my belly was still flat.  Ahhhh, the Golden Era!

Now, I really enjoy sex and my drive is back up, but my big belly is getting in the way.  Missionary didn't last too long.  You can forget about me getting on top because honestly my boobs are giant and smooshy.  I'm also slightly self-conscious about my ass, which is getting more dimples than cottage cheese, but I can't cut out positions from behind because that's all I got left.  Plus it saves me from wet kisses, which I skeeve out.

Le Sigh.  One day sex will be easy again.  Oh, wait, there will be a newborn and the bedroom will be for sleeping and crying.  Oh the circle of life.


Ariel @ Dreams To Do said...

HA HA HA!!! "just like Stella" <-- love it!

Jo said...

O dear, so funny

Alethea Etinoff said...

Men love pregnancy sex. I have yet to get a clear understanding why. On ward and up ward! lol. :-)


SuperMom Blues said...

I miss pregnant sex. I really do.

The UnCoordinated Mommy said...

We are finally getting our groove back and then some, almost 5 months post partum (😃2nd time around). I was not a fan of pregnant sex, probably from all the gas and bloating!!

CaramelRell said...

Girl, you have opened my eyes to a new world of lovin'...lol! Glad you guys were able to get your groove back!Thanks for stopping by my blog!:) www.caramelconversations.com

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