Monday, February 11, 2013

27 Weeks

How far along?  27 weeks
Total weight gain/loss? Up 12 lbs.  
Sleep? It's as to be expected.  Up once to pee and having a more and more difficult time getting comfortable. And I've been having crazy pregnant lady dreams/nightmares that wake me up.
Best moment last week? Being snowed in for a day and being forced to relax
Movement? Starting to see those creepy stomach rolls.  
Food cravings? Ben and Jerry's chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.  Andy bought me the Friendly's brand and my heart almost broke.
Food aversions?  chicken, onions, and tomatoes.  
Gender? Team Green
Labor signs? Fierce Braxton Hick's again this week.  
Belly button in/out? popped and I'm a sad panda about it
What I miss: all forms of alcohol and caffeine.  
What I am looking forward to: 3rd trimester (according to some sites)
Milestones: 3rd tri! (according to other sites)

Here's me and my 27 week bumpdate.


Tara Lotufo said...

You look amazballs!!!

I'm having some serious baby fever Melissa!! My husband says "hells no"!!!! I hear the third puts you over the edge!!! Hopefully it passes!!

Shana Scott said...

You do look amazing!! oh Ben and jerrys haha be ever so lucky you can have it! i know how awful pregn nightmares can be! drink a cup of hot tea wit milk before bed it always helped me!!

Kristen said...

You look fantastic! Congrats! I have to admit, if I ever had an aversion to chicken, I don't know what I would eat.

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