Friday, February 22, 2013

Nips and Tucks

So keeping with the theme of yesterday's post about my unsightly varicose veins, I was thinking about what else I'd like to do to myself, cosmetically.


First and foremost I'd like to get the varicose veins in my legs taken care of.  If you missed the post from yesterday you can click HERE, but I'll give you the cliff's notes.  I have these awful pregnancy induced varicose veins decorating my legs from ankle to ass cheek.  They're ugly.  They bugle.  Their blue and purple.  But more importantly they hurt like a bitch.  If those bad boys don't clear up after birth they will be getting sodded off with a chainsaw if need be.


I've always been a bit self-conscious about my big boobs, but eventually came to appreciate them for what they were and use them to my advantage.  You really do get used to skeevy guys leering at you.  But, after nursing Isabella and my plans to nurse Mrs. Petrillo, combined with the fact that gravity is no longer a friend of mine and I am prone to lower back aches, I'm thinking I'd really love a reduction and lift once I'm done breast feeding.  The reduction to get rid of the pain in my back and the lift to make them lovely again.  I'm currently a 36DD and I'd love to go down to a full C.


I'm getting a wee bit wrinkly in my advancing age.  I see the parenthesis around my mouth and the crinkles near my eyes and the lack luster appearance of my skin in general.  I know some people are a big fan of growing old gracefully, but I think I might be up for a bit of juviderm or botox.  Not to the degree that some celebs go, but you know, a bit of filler here and there.

I'd also really like to have head to toe liposuction so I never have to diet or exercise again, but that's probably just a pipe dream.


bailey j said...

awesome boobs are on my list as well. i have okay boobs but after i lose the rest of these 75lbs they will either be super small or super saggy or both so I'd like to at least have em lifted and cute if they are going to be small. i dont know if id do implants but maybe. the surgery i want most i cant even get yet but when i lose this weight I know i'll have a ton of excess skin so I'd like to have it all tucked so I can enjoy my labor even more lol. i dont want to lose 100lbs so that I can have an extra belly of skin hanging off my new belly. no thanks.

Tara Lotufo said...

I think I would have to go with botox first! Chloe asked me why I have lines in my head & I almost died!

Since that is actually an attainable goal- I'll go big or go home and say a little lipo on my stomach! Even in my younger days, working out like crazy- it was never eactly where I wanted it to be!!

I'm running & spinning and cutting out pizza...we'll see what happens without the lipo & a little more self-control!!

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