Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Snow Day!

It's no surprise that this blizzard they call "Nemo" (bummer huh?) has completely blanketed the east coast in snow.  Usually I'm a run around crazy all weekend trying to do fun family stuff kind of girl, but since we got around 14 inches of snow, which was nothing in comparison to Long Island and CT, we decided to stay home.  The whole day!  I was actually forced to relax.

So what do you do on a snow day?  Well for one thing you eat... a lot.  I woke up and baked a yummy blueberry breakfast tart courtesy of Paula Deen.  It was fantastic and sweet and buttery and easy.  I generally enjoy anything that has biscuits as a base.  Then for dinner Andy and I had blue cheese crusted filet mignon with prosciutto wrapped asparagus, and a fancy salad.  And there were some cupcakes made, with a very special helper.  That girl loves to bake.

I also managed to clean the refrigerator, reorganize the cabinets, and deep clean the floors.  I couldn't just relax the whole day, especially since my outside play time tops out at about 30 minutes whereas Andy and Isabella's lasts a few hours.

I was kind of bummed to miss out on a Valentine's Day cookie decorating class I was taking with my cousin Christina, but they made me a to-go kit, so I can do it at home.  I'm assuming with my same special helper.

Rock on

One of them enjoyed the snow more than the other

How pretty is that face?

I'm glad the snow was on the weekend so I didn't have to brave the roads and drive to work.  I'm also very glad to have had a day to completely be a bum and not leave the house.


Jo said...

wow that is loads of snow! ... as for you having a day to bum around form the sounds of it you didn't do much bumming around. But hey, as long as you had a good time!

Ariel @ Dreams To Do said...

Wow, you were productive! When I was trapped at home last week with my sick kiddo, I pretty much just watched a whole lotta TV. ;-)

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