Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Stats and Stuff

I think that, occasionally, all bloggers go through a kind of "stat" worry where they become temporarily obsessed/worried/freaked out about the stats of their page.  Most of the time I try not to let the numbers get to me, I don't even look and really focus on the quality of my writing and improving my content.

But sometimes I get swept away in how many people are reading, or not reading, how many people "disliked" my facebook page, and how no one is sharing.  It makes me wonder about the content.  Sometimes posts go viral on the internet and I'd be lying if I said that I didn't want to catch that virus once or twice.

I think most writers wonder about the quality of their content and I'm no exception.  Am I writing pointless drivel or am I writing something that people can relate to?  Am I writing for myself or for an audience?  Mostly I just write about whatever is on my mind, but sometimes I'll bang out a really meaningful post and it will get no love and that can be really disappointing.

Also, for some reason I get so many dislikes on my facebook page it's alarming.  I get that people "like" it as an entry for a giveaway (which I've been super lazy about hosting any lately) and then when it's over they don't really care about what I have to say, but it would be nice if someone actually "liked" it between contests once in a while.

I'm not very active on twitter.  I mean to be, but I just can't get it together.  So I've never had hurt feelings over there.

This post is kind of whiney and probably a bit annoying and self-indulgent, but I'm wondering how do you guys feel about your stats?  What do you do to get your blog out there without being completely obnoxious?

Like I said, sometimes I don't give two craps about the stats and sometimes I really do.


Ariel @ Dreams To Do said...

Oh man, I am so with you. It's like a stab in the heart when someone dislikes me on FB or Twitter. It's not like I have many followers to begin with, so every last one means something to me. My stats suck balls. Some days it bothers me and some days I could care less. I honestly don't put very much time into my blog or social media, so it is really just my fault. The bloggers who have all those stats are working their blogs like a full time job. That would be nice! I would so become a full time blogger if it was financially feasible for me. Ha!

The Dose of Reality said...

I tend to pay pretty close attention to the stats, mostly to make sure that they are staying with our goals. I totally agree with you about the FB "unlike"...it is always a bummer! Stopping by from SITS.

Tamara Camera said...

I wish I paid less attention to my stats, but I definitely look at it daily. If not more. And I do wonder about timing and chemistry and why some posts that I slave over don't really attract attention, and why some that take me five minutes are a huge hit. Just trying to figure it all out over here. My fan page on Facebook is for photography and not writing, so it's a bit different, but I do obsess over how many "likes" my photos get.

bikebanjoandbabyblog said...

I used to get hung up on the stats, too, but it's probably just going to drive you crazy for no good reason. Keep writing, and focus on great quality posts. You'll attract the right kind of readers.
Found you on SITS!

The Liebers said...

I check my stats multiple times per day. I don't really have a game plan in mind when I do. It just annoys me. Or else I get all giddy when I see that I made 3 cents! I keep telling myself to stop looking, but I just can't!
{stopping by from SITS}

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