Friday, February 1, 2013

When Your Husband Doesn't "Get It"

I'm not at that stage in my pregnancy where I'm huge pregnant and entirely uncomfortable, but I'm slowly feeling the transition from "cute and energetically" pregnant to "starting to get uncomfortable" pregnant.  I guess it's because at nearly 26 weeks pregnant I'm inching ever closer to the third trimester.

I didn't start feeling this way this early with Isabella, but then again I didn't have a big house to keep up with or a crazy 3 year old to chase after.  The veins in my right leg are getting itchy and starting to throb which causes a lot of discomfort. I'm on my feet all day long.  I wake up at around 5:50 get ready for work, I'm up on my feet nearly all day at work, then I come home, try and get in some exercise, make dinner, clean, do bedtime and get ready for the next day.  My feet hurt and so does my back and I feel like I'm starting to swell...already!

I'm also very lucky that I have a husband who is very helpful.  He'll play with Isabella, do the dishes, make my lunch, and do manly things around the house like spackle and hammer.  But sometimes he just doesn't get it.  Like when he keep saying how hungry he is and all I want to do is order a pizza and put my feet up.  Or when he says that he's going to give me a foot massage, but he has this ADD thing going on where he can't focus on two things at once, so as he gets into whatever TV show we're watching the massage get weaker and weaker until he's just holding my foot.

Andy and I both enjoy drinking craft beer and wine.  It's been tough for me sometimes especially after a long week that I can't enjoy a drink on Fridays, but it's something I know I have to give up, even if it's grudgingly.  He told me at the start of the pregnancy that he'd slow down and would try not to drink in front of me.  Way to go with the solidarity!  Except that that was a big fat lie.  He drinks at least 2 beers a night almost every night.  He drinks in front of me all the time, even if it's just us at home.  I don't expect him to give up alcohol all together, but I wonder if he knows how it makes me feel?  Oh yeah, he does because I don't keep anything to myself.  I just don't get why he made the promise in the first place?

Also, I have a very difficult time slowing down or asking for help.  Sometimes, I need to be forced.  Sometimes I need him to force me.  Sometimes I need him to do all the anal retentive things that I do all the time that he thinks are stupid, like sweep, windex, and organize the closets.

So while he really is such a wonderful guy, he sometimes just doesn't get it.


Unknown said...

Have you tried compression tights or socks? They made such a difference for me when I was working retail and standing all day.

Kristiina @ Typical House Cat

The Dose of Reality said...

Oh yes, you have hit the nail on the head! They do their best, but they just don't always get it! Visiting from SITS.

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