Thursday, March 28, 2013

What I Miss

There are a lot of things that I miss about not being pregnant.  Pregnancy hasn't been my favorite time...more like the means to an end, but overall this second pregnancy has gone a lot faster than my first.

The main thing I miss is alcohol.  God damn it I love me some wine and craft beer.  I'll pass on the mixed drinks, but lately I've been craving a salty rimmed margarita.  I'm a respectable drinker and having to forgo my favorite spirits is sucky.  I also miss that happy buzzed feeling I get after a glass of red or two.  At least I won't be pregnant in the summer so I can enjoy a few icy cold beers.

I miss coffee.  I have a cup of coffee every morning, sometimes two on Sunday mornings, but I miss being able to have it in the afternoon after work or on the ride home from work after a tiring day.  I know I'll need to take it easy when I'm nursing as well, but man it's going to be nice when I can drink it by the gallon if I so choose.

I miss running.  I'm still able to walk and stuff, but sometimes if I push it too much it kind of feels like the baby is going to fall right out of my vagina, so I've been taking nice gentle walks.  But I really miss my lungs burning and my feet hitting the road.

I miss feeling sexy.  I've felt "cute" during pregnancy, but never sexy or desirable.  I miss putting on a nice outfit, doing my hair, putting on makeup and heels and feeling beautiful.  I also know that this is something that takes time to get back to.  First I have to lose the weight, then tighten up, and there's nothing really glamorous about the sleep deprived, poop-covered newborn stage.

I miss bending down.  Dude, I can barely put on my own socks and shoes.  Is it almost flip flop season?

I miss sleeping on my stomach.  I'm a stomach sleeper so training myself to sleep on my side hasn't been easy, or comfortable.  It'll be so nice to stretch out on my belly again.

There are however some things that I will miss about being pregnant.

I'll miss being able to carry my baby without giving up the use of my arms.

I'll miss sleeping in.  Isabella will sleep until 8 am, sometimes later, straight through the night in her own room.  It's going to be a rough adjustment to when there's a squalling infant waking you up every 3 hours.

I'll miss people doing things for me.  It's nice to have Andy handle all the laundry carrying duties and insisting that I sit and rest.  Once baby comes that's all anyone cares about.  It's also nice to have a built in excuse for things you don't want to do.

I'll miss baby kicks.  This will more than likely be my last pregnancy and I'll miss those pokes and jabs from deep within.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Staying Fit During Pregnancy

For someone like me who usually counts the calories for every blessed sip, bite, lick, or taste that crosses my lips, pregnancy is a wonderfully freeing time where I can eat without worry about the scale, although I do have some scale anxiety.

However, it's not a time to indulge in every whim or craving because the pounds add up fast and it's not good for you or baby to turn into a beast.  So how do you reconcile eating that second helping of ice cream with trying to have a healthy pregnancy?  Exercise.

Exercise is one of the best things that I've ever done for myself.  When Isabella was about two I joined a gym and became a real gym rat.  I loved running on the treadmill and the elliptical.  I loved the free weights and the time it gave me to myself to kind of just zone out.  After we bought the house and money was considerably tightened, we decided that we had to forgo our gym membership to save a bit of money.  No problem we would run outside and I used some free weights that I had.  I loved the way exercise made me feel about myself and I love that it let me feel strong and capable and that it gave me a few extra calories to play around with.

Keeping fit during pregnancy isn't necessarily easy.  You're sick, nauseous, tired, bloated, big and achey.  But here is what I did to help me make exercise part of my pregnancy.

1.  Make it part of your routine- I'm all about lists and organization.  So I would schedule in exercise to my to-do list 3-4 times a week.  It could be a brisk walk or a DVD or a yoga class.  But if I put it in for that date, I would try and get it done.  Made it easier to stick to a routine because if I waited around until I felt like it, I'd probably never feel like it because watching TV and farting around on facebook is a lot more fun to me than exercise.

2.  DVD's- I'm all about the dvd, especially since I gave up my gym membership.  So I use Tracy Anderson's The Pregnancy Project and a prenatal yoga dvd.  I like the pregnancy project because it involves weights and lower body exercises and there's a different dvd for each month which keeps things from getting boring.  Then there's the yoga dvd for when I feel like I'm getting tight and need a good stretch.

3.  Get out there- When the weather hasn't been -7 degrees and the ground covered with ice, I've tried to keep up with walking.  I ran throughout my first and the bulk of my second trimester, except when I was on pelvic rest for the threatened miscarriage for 6 weeks.  Then when it got too cumbersome I switched to walking.  It's free and it's effective.

I'm hoping all this exercise will help to negate the fact that I could eat my weight in cookies and Cadbury cream eggs.  And I'm also hopeful it will be easier to get my body back after the baby comes.  I know when I was pregnant with Isabella I would work out like every third Tuesday of the month when there was a full moon and I ate basically whatever I wanted and it took me almost a year to get back to my pre-baby weight.  Now I know better, so I'm trying to do better.

What tips do you have for staying fit during pregnancy?

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Urban Walls Review

I was recently offered the opportunity to review an item from Urban Walls, which specializes in wall decals.  As you all know I just bought a new house and it is seriously lacking in the decoration department, so I jumped at the chance to add a little pizazz to Isabella's room.

It took me forever to decide what I wanted because they have so many amazing options.  There are word decals, pattern decals, nursery decals, which I was very tempted to use, but wanted to hold off until the baby is born and we know if it's a boy or a girl.

I ultimately decided on some butterfly decals for Isabella's wall.

They arrived quicker than expected and were super easy to put on.  First I wiped down her wall and then all I had to do was peel the butterflies off the backing, place them on the wall, and press down smoothing out any bubbles.  It took me, my mom, and Isabella about 15 minutes to get up all 44 butterflies and I think they came out great!

Urban Walls has a boat load of options to choose from, they arrived quickly, and were a cinch to put on.  So if you're looking to spruce up your home a little bit, be sure to check them out.  

**I was provided with a store credit so that I might try out a product and offer an honest review.  All opinions expressed in this post are my own**

Monday, March 25, 2013

33 Weeks

How far along?  33 weeks
Total weight gain/loss? Up 17 lbs
Stretch marks? I think I saw one rogue stretchie, but it wasn't purple it was already silverish so maybe it was an old one that I never really noticed?  Or maybe I'm just screwed and gonna have a belly covered in "tiger stripes".  But I'll hate them.  
Sleep? Good sleep week this past week.  Hopefully it stays that way.  I get tired a lot faster, so I've been trying to go to bed early, but sometimes I really just can't get it together.  
Best moment last week? I had a great dr's appointment.  Baby's heartbeat was 135 and measuring right on track.  
Movement? Yes.  Baby moves a lot in the early morning and late nights.  Hopefully that's not an indicator of what's to come.  
Food cravings? I just like to eat all the food.  
Food aversions?  chicken
Gender? Team Green
Labor signs? I've been trying to keep stress to a minimum to curb the BH's.
Belly button in/out? Out
What I miss: Feeling beautiful.  I feel like I've far passed the "cute" phase of pregnancy and I'm in the whale stage.  Some women feel sexy during pregnancy...I call malarky because I feel super gross. 
What I am looking forward to: Setting up the nursery because it is finally under way!
Milestones: Dr's visits are now every two weeks.  Shit is getting real! 

33 weeks!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Other Side

This past week I had some girl time with some of my friends from work.  We went to my friend's house and had yummy food and just kind of bull shitted about work and our lives and men and kids and what not.

One of the girls is single and has her own apartment in a trendy neighborhood.  Another one is a single mom and both were talking about the dating scene and online dating and shopping and stuff and I was really aware of the staunch differences in our lives.

I know that they both have their struggles, but their lives just seem so full of promise and excitement and uncertainty.  They have freedom and choices and matches from  My life, which I love and is also great, can be a bit hum drum at times and there's not much novelty or freedom to be found.

It didn't make me wish that I had that life, although I do wish I had more time to go shopping and decorate my house in an eclectic and funky way, it was just so interesting to me to see how the other side lives.  The excitement of an upcoming date.  Talking about going out for drinks with friends or dates.  It's a side of life that I didn't get to experience because I got married so young.

This is not the first time I've written about this topic and I suspect it won't be the last. I was just wondering what it would be like to live that life.  Would I love the independence or would I cower under it?  I'm not very assertive.  Would I love the dating scene or would it wear me out?  Would I relish in the freedom or be daunted by it?

I don't know.  I hope I'll never know.  But it's always fascinating to think of how the other side really lives.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pregnancy Dictionary

There's a certain vernacular that pregnant women use.  I'm sure you can relate to many of these terms and phrases that accompany us during our 9 month sentence journey.

Lightening Crotch: the feeling you get when your baby kicks or head butts your cervix.  It feels like a lightening bolt hitting you right in the lady bits.

Snail Trail:  The extra discharge you get that leaves a gross line in your underwear or literally pastes your thong to your ass cheek.  That should be the first sign to stop wearing thongs.

Bag of Worms:  this is when the varicose veins in your legs go rogue and travel up to your vulva resulting in your vagina feeling like a bag of worms is hanging out of it.  This term was coined by my cousin Nicole who also suffered this phenomenon during her pregnancies.  Shout out to Nicole's vagina.

The Pregnancy Fast:  You eat like a beast all month, but on the day of your doctor's appointment you eat a salad and half a banana so you're skinny when you get weighed in.  You also wear the least amount of clothing possible so you basically look like a pregnant prostitute wearing flip flops in a snow storm because they weigh less.

The Barbie Smile: People give you well meaning, but unsolicited, advice or tell you horror stories about birth/delivery and you just have to sit there with this fake ass smile plastered on your face because you really don't give a shit.

The Backhanded Compliment: These are the comments you get that make you feel like crap, but the speaker thinks he or she hasn't completely offended you.  Many times I get "Oh you must be having a boy because you're all belly and when you were pregnant with your daughter you were all over the place."  So apparently I was a beast during my last pregnancy and no one told me.

The Not So Backhanded Compliment: "Are you sure you're not having twins?"  "Wow you got so big?"  Argo fuck yourself.

I'm sure you can relate!  Any phrases you've used during pregnancy?

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Check Me Out

uncomfortably pregnantSo you all know that I'm a contributing writer to Parent Society and I'd love for you to check out my 2 newest posts.  Reading them is enough, but if you like them, feel free to share it all over your social media.  I appreciate all the support.

The Uncomfortably Pregnant Body  is where I piss and moan about all the uncomforts of pregnancy including the expansion of my ass and snazzy varicose veins.

5 Tips for Coping with Baby Anxiety is where I talk about the anxiety I feel for Mrs. Petrillo's arrival and share some of my ideas on how to thwart those negative worries.  I'd also love any of your feedback as well.

And this isn't new, but it's my first post on miscarriage.

The Silent Sisterhood:  Support After a Miscarriage is where I talk about the culture of silence surrounding pregnancy loss and why women shouldn't feel ashamed.

I feel a bit silly self-promoting myself, but I'm really excited about this opportunity.  Thanks in advance for any link love you send my way.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Smile Brilliant Giveaway

Don't we all want whiter teeth?  Wouldn't every one of us love to brighten up our pearly whites and have a smile that really dazzles?  I thought so.  Well Smile Brilliant's LED Teeth Whitening System is an easy and fast way to help you get there.

Diet and exercise take time, but in 20 minutes a day you look fantastic.  You just take the peroxide based solution and neatly paint it on your teeth, put the trays in, wrap your mouth around the LED light and hang out for 20 minutes (or more) and let it do it's thing.  Plus if you don't see results, there's a 30 day money back guarantee.

I was cleared to use it by my OB since it was hydrogen peroxide based and I noticed a difference in just two uses.  The kit includes:

High intensity Ultra-Blue LED activating light (batteries included)
Protective trays(top & bottom)
4ml Professional whitening gel pen (35% concentration)
30 Day money back guarantee
Life-time tray replacement warranty

You can purchase one directly from Smile Brilliant for $39.95, which is much cheaper than many teeth whitening systems out there or you can enter to win one right here.

Good luc

a Rafflecopter giveaway

**I was provided a free LED Teeth Whitening kit so that I might provide an honest review**

32 Weeks

How far along?  32 weeks
Total weight gain/loss? Up 17 lbs
Stretch marks? No
Sleep? Good sleep week this week, considering that it was DST, I had an early morning faculty conference, and a late night with parent teacher conferences.  
Best moment last week? I had a shower at work and got lots of cute things and gift cards.  People were more generous than I expected.  
Movement? This is a pretty active baby. 
Food cravings? I don't necessarily crave anything, but that doesn't stop me from eating pretty much anything in my sight
Food aversions?  chicken
Gender? Team Green
Labor signs? I actually had some really bad BH's that concerned me enough to call the dr.  I need to keep stress to a minimum and drink more water.  Woot for more pee!
Belly button in/out? Out
What I miss: Wearing my wedding rings.  My fingers start off normal sized in the morning, but swell slightly by the end of the day and I'm pretty terrified that if I wear the rings I won't be able to get them off.  It's weird that I miss them so much, because I usually find rings cumbersome so as soon as I get home I take them right off anyway, but now that I can't wear them, I miss them.  
What I am looking forward to: My sprinkle...coming up in a few weeks thanks to my totally awesome sister. 
Milestones: I don't know why, but 32 weeks sounds pretty impressive to me.  It's a very respectable number pregnancy wise.  

Here I am and it's going to annoy me that I'm not up against the white wall, but Isabella was crying, Andy was doing the dishes, and I just wanted to take off the black tank top and put on PJ's.  

32 weeks pregnant
Aren't I getting beastly?  

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pregnancy Rebel

There are a lot of God-damned rules that pregnant women need to follow that it can be almost impossible to remember all the "dont's".  There are the obvious ones, like don't drink, don't smoke, don't do cocaine.  Then there's the ones that I barely even know about, like don't eat dippy eggs or rare steak.

And then there's the "do's".  Like always take your prenatal vitamin, drink lots of water, exercise regularly.

It's exhausting!

I'm not the best pregnant lady ever.  I have coffee everyday.  I forget my vitamin a lot.  And I had no idea that you're not supposed to eat runny eggs.

I'm also not the worst.  I exercise.  I drink a shit ton of water.  I eat a lot of fruits and veggies.  I don't eat lunch meat.

I just feel guilty when I do something I know I'm not supposed to, like have a second cup of coffee at breakfast on Sundays or have a sip of Andy's wine, but I just can't be perfect all the time.

What are some of the things rules you never break?  Where are you ok to bend a bit?

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

When a House Becomes a Home

So after yesterday's rant about the nursery of toxic waste, I've decided that I don't really hate the money pit.  Although, it really is a money suck...every time you try to fix something, you discover another insane thing that needs to be fixed first.  But slowly but surely this is turning from a house into a home.

There's still a lot of work to be done, both cosmetically and decoratively, but the more we live here the more we grow into it.

Like the dance parties that we have nightly in our "formal living room" and the family dinners that we have every night at the table.  It's the coloring book and crayons splayed across the floor in the basement and the peals of laughter that echo through the halls.  It's the constant flow of people in and out, that makes the house more than four walls with questionable plumbing, but a home.

It's a place we can grow our family in and that's really all we've ever wanted.  

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Coming Undone

I think I'm inching towards a nervous breakdown.  Like, bust out the pad locks, straight jacket, and rubber walls.  Things just seem so out of my control that I'm having a hard time holding on.  As much as I try to be laid back and carefree, I'm not.  I'm type A.  I'm a perfectionist.  I need to have some semblance of control.  Or else I feel like I'm spiraling in on myself and coming completely undone.

That's right about where I'm at right now.

Andy and I have been arguing lately.  We're not a "fighting" couple.  We bicker over not putting the laundry away (him) or putting something where the other can't find it (me), but it's just your usual run of the mill, married-with-kids, tiffs.  Nothing serious.  Nothing more than an eye roll when the other isn't looking. But lately things have been a touch more serious.

Last weekend, I had really had it with him not cleaning up his clutter and we had a huge blow out about how he thinks I'm a nag and how sometimes when I act like that it makes him despise me (ouch) and how he doesn't help out enough with the house work and how I work just as many hours as he does.  You know how this goes.  It becomes the "I do more than you- No you don't I'm more awesome" argument.  Perhaps you've had one yourself?  Perhaps more than once?  I went to bed completely pissed off and we barely spoke the entire next day.

We talked it out and had an amazing week where we were really considerate of each other and he really helped me out a lot, but then this past Sunday we got in another huge fight.  I made a comment about him working on the weekends and he got super defensive and nasty and then I got really upset.  He knows what buttons to push on me and then acts surprised when I have a reaction.  He calls me crazy and I get defensive.

Again, I stormed out of the room in tears and locked myself in my room.  This was actually the first time where we fought in front of Isabella and I'm most certainly not proud of that.  This was also the first time in a long time that I haven't been able to shake it.  Things are better now, but I don't like two big fights in a row.  I like to space them out, like pap smears.

Then there's the situation of the nursery (fyi, I hate the word nursery, it's just easier than constantly typing out "the baby's room").  We've lived in this house for almost 3 months and while I understand that there was a ton of work to be done, some of that work should have been syphoned off into that room.

I'm 31 weeks pregnant and I haven't had the opportunity to put away tiny baby clothes or to sit in the glider imagining how I want to decorate the room or set up the changing table the way I like it.  It makes me sad that it probably won't get done until the very last moment.

You can't put a baby in that construction zone of death.

I'm stressed out at work with all the grading and pressures of standardized tests and this is just one of those times where I feel like I'm barely holding it together.

Monday, March 11, 2013

31 Weeks

How far along?  31 weeks
Total weight gain/loss? Up 15 lbs
Stretch marks? No
Sleep? Not a bad week this week sleep wise, unless you count the time I woke up in the middle of the night with a nose bleed...that was fun.
Best moment last week? I actually pooped like a normal person, no crazy constipation.  That shouldn't make me as happy as it does.  
Movement? Lots of creepy rolls and hard thuds and lots of lightening crotch.
Food cravings? Bread.  This is the first time the entire pregnancy where I've outright craved carbs and not sweets. 
Food aversions?  chicken
Gender? Team Green
Labor signs? Just some more of the same BH's.  
Belly button in/out? Popped and band-aid'ed over
What I miss: High heels.  I wore heeled boots to a Christening last weekend and my calves hurt for 3 days.  
What I am looking forward to: Dr's appointment on Thursday.  I always get a kick out of hearing the heartbeat.  Never gets old to me. 
Milestones: None.  31 weeks isn't such a great number.  30 sounds good, very respectable and 32 sounds like a good strong week, but 31...meh.  Although my due date is in exactly 2 months from today.  

Friday, March 8, 2013

Screen Time

I've always been really conscious of the amount of time Isabella spends watching television.  I'm not against TV by any means and I've been pretty open with the fact that we are definitely a TV family.  But while we were staying with my parents I realized just how much TV was a part of our lives.

My mom would leave cartoons on all day long whether she watched them or not.  The news was on.  Sit coms were on.  It got to the point where it almost hurt my brain to hear the television.  It got to the point where it was almost a relief to have the TV off.

So now that we're in our new home I really wanted to break bad habits and get away from too much TV.  It's annoying.  It's distracting.  And I hate the glazed over look Isabella gets when she watches it.  Now don't get me wrong I'm not against TV by any means, especially since I love a good episode of Criminal Minds or The Real Housewives of Anywhere, but in limited quantities.  A show in the morning while I make breakfast.  A movie on a rainy afternoon.  A quick episode of Dora when I'm at the end of my rope.

We hardly ever have the TV on for her though anymore.  There's so much space here that she'd much rather play with her toys in the basement or listen to Pandora and have a dance party or do a craft together.  Sometimes I get annoyed to play princess gets chased by a tiger for the 50th time, so I just tell her that she needs some Isabella time and she can play by herself.  We're making some headway in the area of independent play...finally.

She likes to read books, play on her Mobi Go (gray area for screen time for me since it's interactive and educational), dance, play dress up, create wildly insane scenarios to act out, color.  It's been great.  I can't wait until the weather is warmer and we can go into the back yard to play.

I'm sure once Mrs. Petrillo comes we'll be needing to use the TV a bit more until we find a routine and I'm ok with that.  But in the interim it's nice to hear music in the background rather than annoying ass DJ Lance.

How does your family balance screen time?

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Date Night In

I think that any couple with kids understands the importance of date night.  A night when you can reconnect as something other than parents, where you can just relate to each other one on one.  But date night can also become a real pain in the ass:  where are you going to go?  What are you going to eat?  Who is going to watch your crazy ass kids?  Do you have to take off your yoga pants and put on pants with a zipper?

It becomes tricky.

So sometimes we'll opt to have a date night in.  We won't eat dinner together as a family like we usually do, we'll let Isabella have mac and cheese and get her to bed at a reasonable hour and then we'll have a fancy home cooked dinner, pop a bottle of wine (or sparkling cider these days), and either catch up on the dvr, watch a movie, or play some cards.

It's the best of both worlds, you get your date night and you can stay in your yoga pants if you like.  Don't get me wrong I love getting dressed up and getting out of the house, but sometimes time or money gets in the way and I don't want to sacrifice that one on one time.

This is a great date night in recipe that's easy, not too time consuming, and still just a wee bit fancy.  Blue Cheese Crusted Filet Mignon with Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus.


For the Filet

2 cuts of filet mignon
3 tbs butter
2 tbs extra virgin olive oil
1/4 cup breadcrumbs
1/2 blue cheese crumbles
sea salt and pepper

For the Asparagus:

1 bunch of asparagus
8-10 slices of prosciutto
olive oil for drizzling
salt and pepper

Blue Cheese Crusted Filet Mignon

1.  Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.  Heat 1 tbs of the oil and 1 tbs of the butter in a large, oven safe, skillet until hot.

2.  Season the steak with coarse sea salt and pepper and quickly sear on both sides in the oil and butter mixture until just browed then put the entire pan in the oven and cook for about 15 minutes to get a steak that is medium.   Adjust cooking time depending on how you prefer your steak cooked.

3.  While the steak is in the oven prepare the blue cheese topping.  Melt 2 tbs of butter in the microwave, then add the bread crumbs, blue cheese crumbles, and remaining tbs of olive oil.  Set aside.

4.  Trim the coarse ends of the asparagus.  Then take 5-8 asparagus stalks and wrap in a slice of prosciutto.  Drizzle the asparagus bundles with olive oil and season with salt and pepper.  Take it easy on the salt since the prosciutto is already salty.  Cook at 350 degrees for 10-12 minutes.

5.  Once the steaks are out of the oven, turn on the broiler.  Place the steaks onto a baking tray and top each steak generously with the blue cheese bread crumb topping and broil until hot and bubbly, about 3-4 minutes.  Let steak sit for 10 minutes before cutting.

6.  Serve each steak with a few bundles of roasted asparagus wrapped in prosciutto and a salad or some sauteed mushrooms.

Enjoy your date night in.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Scale Anxiety

I'm pregnant.  I'm growing a child in my body.  I'm supposed to gain weight.  I know that intellectually.  Emotionally I'm having a tough time seeing the scale climb so high and so quickly.

First and foremost, I need to stress the point that I am eating, I'm gaining weight.  I am not starving myself.  I'm not counting calories.  I'm not restricting.  I'm not exercising excessively.

Now that that's out of the way, I've always had trouble with body image.  I've always equated with how "good" or "pretty" I was by the number on the scale.  The lower the number, the better I was and if it got too high I would really do a number on myself.  I can't tell you how many time I've looked at myself in the mirror and called myself fat.  How many times I've squeezed my muffin top or looked at the dimples on my thighs and thought the most wretched things about myself.  I can't tell you how many times I've compared myself to my friends or to celebrities and wished that I could look more like them.

I would eat super healthy, using apps like My Fitness Pal to keep track of every bit of food I put in my mouth and I made sure that exercise was a part of my daily routine.  It was time consuming, but it kept me at a healthy weight.  Of course there were weeks that I gained or weekends that I had a blow of eating and drinking, but I always got back on the wagon and felt in control.

Now that I'm pregnant and have had to give up that control, on one hand it's been nice not to have to track my food intake so carefully, but on the other hand it's difficult to see those numbers creeping up.

I'm 5'3 and my pre pregnancy weight was 125 lbs, which is totally normal and healthy weight and bmi so that means I should gain 25 lbs this pregnancy.  In the first trimester I actually lost a few pounds because of morning sickness, not a ton, like maybe 3 lbs.  Then I've steadily gained at about 0.5-1 lb per week, except the one month where I gained 6lbs.  So now I'm 30 weeks and up around 15lbs, which puts me right on track for another 10lbs for the last 10 weeks of pregnancy.

I know this is normal, but it doesn't stop me from getting on the scale every day to check and make sure that I'm within range.  I make goals for myself.  For example, I'll be like "I don't want to be over xxx weight at my next doctor's appointment."  I worry if I indulge too much at a party.  More about the scale than what I'm actually putting into my body.  I worry about what I'll look like afterwards.  Will I ever get back into shape?  Will I ever get back into a gym?  Will I lose my body?  Will I lose myself?

I honestly don't know if this is normal or if I'm just really crazy about weight/the scale.

Monday, March 4, 2013

30 Weeks

How far along?  30 weeks
Total weight gain/loss? Up 15 lbs
Stretch marks? No
Sleep? Ah sleep, I shall be reunited with you sometime in the next year or so
Best moment last week? We had a ton of parties that were super fun
Movement? Seeing, and feeling, lots of rolls, mostly concentrated on the right side. 
Food cravings? Ice cream
Food aversions?  chicken, onions, and tomatoes.  
Gender? Team Green
Labor signs? Nope, keeping this bugger cooking for 10 more weeks
Belly button in/out? Popped and time to be covered up
What I miss: Being able to put on my socks and shoes with ease
What I am looking forward to: Time to schedule the hospital tour because this shit is getting real
Milestones: Only 10 weeks left

30 Week Bumpdate

And some out takes

Friday, March 1, 2013

The Inquisition

Living with Isabella has become like living with a 3 foot inquisitor.  I swear this girl wakes up in the morning and doesn't stop talking until she goes to bed.  90% of her sentences are questions.

Can I have some apple juice?

Can I have it in the red cup?

Why is this cup red?

Can I put my own cream cheese on my English Muffin?

Can we have a dance party?

Where is this song from?

Who is singing this song?

Is Jean Val Jean Cosette's daddy? (she's obsessed with the sound track for Les Miz)

Can you show me a picture of Cosette?

Can I see when Cossette was lost in the woods?

Will you color with me?

Will you play with me?

Can I wear my princess dress?

Can you put on one of my shows?

Can I play with your phone?

Why did she do that?

Can we face time Aunt Meaghan?

It's incessant and it's all day long.  Seriously this weekend we went to a ceramics class and on the way back, for about 45 minutes, all she did was grill me and Andy.  I thought my brain was going to leak out of my ears.

Aren't three year olds grand?

She is quiet when she sleeps.