Thursday, March 28, 2013

What I Miss

There are a lot of things that I miss about not being pregnant.  Pregnancy hasn't been my favorite time...more like the means to an end, but overall this second pregnancy has gone a lot faster than my first.

The main thing I miss is alcohol.  God damn it I love me some wine and craft beer.  I'll pass on the mixed drinks, but lately I've been craving a salty rimmed margarita.  I'm a respectable drinker and having to forgo my favorite spirits is sucky.  I also miss that happy buzzed feeling I get after a glass of red or two.  At least I won't be pregnant in the summer so I can enjoy a few icy cold beers.

I miss coffee.  I have a cup of coffee every morning, sometimes two on Sunday mornings, but I miss being able to have it in the afternoon after work or on the ride home from work after a tiring day.  I know I'll need to take it easy when I'm nursing as well, but man it's going to be nice when I can drink it by the gallon if I so choose.

I miss running.  I'm still able to walk and stuff, but sometimes if I push it too much it kind of feels like the baby is going to fall right out of my vagina, so I've been taking nice gentle walks.  But I really miss my lungs burning and my feet hitting the road.

I miss feeling sexy.  I've felt "cute" during pregnancy, but never sexy or desirable.  I miss putting on a nice outfit, doing my hair, putting on makeup and heels and feeling beautiful.  I also know that this is something that takes time to get back to.  First I have to lose the weight, then tighten up, and there's nothing really glamorous about the sleep deprived, poop-covered newborn stage.

I miss bending down.  Dude, I can barely put on my own socks and shoes.  Is it almost flip flop season?

I miss sleeping on my stomach.  I'm a stomach sleeper so training myself to sleep on my side hasn't been easy, or comfortable.  It'll be so nice to stretch out on my belly again.

There are however some things that I will miss about being pregnant.

I'll miss being able to carry my baby without giving up the use of my arms.

I'll miss sleeping in.  Isabella will sleep until 8 am, sometimes later, straight through the night in her own room.  It's going to be a rough adjustment to when there's a squalling infant waking you up every 3 hours.

I'll miss people doing things for me.  It's nice to have Andy handle all the laundry carrying duties and insisting that I sit and rest.  Once baby comes that's all anyone cares about.  It's also nice to have a built in excuse for things you don't want to do.

I'll miss baby kicks.  This will more than likely be my last pregnancy and I'll miss those pokes and jabs from deep within.


ripa khan said...

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Ariel @ Dreams To Do said...

Oh man, you are really making me happy that I'm not pregnant right now! ;-) Before you know it you'll be kicking back in the sunshine with a baby in one hand and an ice cold beer in the other. Hang in there momma!

Babes Mami said...

I'm enjoying my non pregnant time but I do kind of miss the time I was having before Abby came. I thought I was busy with just Nate but now I barely have a minute to myself. The only way I'm reading blogs now is because she's napping and Nate and I are outside while he runs around.

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